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Testimony of Stanley Fernandes, Mangalore

Testimony of Stanley Fernandes

By Monita Fernandes

On Tuesday July 4, 2006, a prayer request was posted in the Konkani Catholics group for one Stanley Fernandes from Mangalore whose loaded petroleum tanker went off the road and fell into a low lying area. It was the second time in a span of one week that the same vehicle had met with an accident and Fernandes who was not even in a position to pay up the insurance premium now feared the worst considering that the tanker was loaded. As the tensed Fernandes who had stopped talking upon getting the shocking news was just getting ready to leave home to inspect the damages, the family greatly feared his health given that he already suffered from a heart problem and a mild paralytic stroke. The desperate family had appealed to KC for prayers.

A week later on July 11, 2006 Monita Fernandes, a Konkani Catholics member and the daughter of Stanley Fernandes sent this letter testifying to a miralce and the power of prayer.

Praise God!

Dear KC Family,

Thanks a bunch for all the prayers offered for my dad (Mr. Stanley Fernandes) and my family. Thanks to all of your prayers, there was a miracle!

I find no words to express gratitude to my Jesus who has been so good to me all the time. The load of petroleum in the tank is not lost, only about 1000 ltrs (costing Rs. 40,000/-) was lost. If all of the load was lost then we would have had to shell out about Rs. 7.5 lakhs. Perhaps the only way we could arrange that money was by selling our house, which was built just 2 years ago with lots of hopes and dreams. The Lord has been graceful to us.

The insurance people, Bharat Petroleum officers and others who inspected the spot said that the vehicle actually rolled over three times and fell 37 mtrs down and so it should have been broken into pieces and all the load of petroleum should have been lost but it's really a miracle that neither the vehicle suffered much damage nor was the load of petroleum lost. Even the driver and cleaner were safe.

When my dad initially heard about the accident, he was very shattered and he seemed to be totally broken. At first I was a bit shaken too and I asked the Lord what was happening. We were having ever so many problems coming in one after the other. When we were just recovering from one blow there was another. But immediately I asked the Lord's pardon and stopped complaining. We all started praising and thanking Him because strongly within myself I felt that something good was going to happen and that Jesus was still in control.

I also prayed that this might be a witness to others and so it happened. The people who surveyed the accident scene began asking my dad, "Are you a devotee of God?" Some of my dad's friends who accompanied him to the spot too were wonder-struck and had their faith lifted when they saw clearly the hand of God in the situation. When I called up Clifford uncle (dad's friend) who had accompanied dad to the accindent spot, he said, "I am sure it is only the prayers of so many that everything is fine." When he returned home he was calling up and telling others also about it. (I had earlier informed them that the Konkani Catholics group members and others were praying for us).

On the 2nd day after the accident (though nothing was fine yet), at the time of my personal prayer, I felt a kind of joy in my soul despite all the tension and worries in my mind. I knew that after this storm there would be a great calm because Jesus was in the boat.

Dad is not able to travel much or go for long without sleep but on this occassion he had to travel to the accident spot which was a few hours journey. And despite the pouring rains and the bad weather he was absolutely fine when he returned home 3 days later. This again was a miracle I should say.

As brother Arun said, "In times of hardship and tension, our faith in Him deepens." And truly due to this trial our faith in Him has deepened.

"He's still working on me,
to make me what I ought to be"
Thank you Jesus, truly our God is an Awesome God!

Luv in Christ
Monita Fernandes.

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