Friday, July 14, 2006

Caritas International Decries Bombay Killings

"Violence must not lead to more violence": secretary of Caritas Internationalis decries killings in Bombay

BOMBAY July 13, 2006 (Agenzia Fides) - The danger is real: the recent bomb attacks in Bombay could stir up inter-religious hatred and unleash violence and retaliation. In a message of solidarity with the Indian people Caritas Internationalis says it is praying for the victims and their families and hopes violence will not lead to violence and acts of revenge.

"I want to express our horror at the bombs that killed so many innocent people in Mumbai on Tuesday" said Duncan Mac Laren, secretary general of Caritas Internationalis, in a message of solidarity with the India people at this tragic moment. "Every day we are faced with lives being blasted apart by ideologues. This makes our work for development, peace-building and reconciliation all the more urgent and important". He voiced his hope that violence would not beget violence or unleash retaliation on more innocent people in India.

The Catholic community in Bombay has been mobilised to show solidarity with the people affected. The administrator of the archdiocese Mgr Bosco Penha asked parishes and schools to put their structures at the service of the suffering families.

In the meantime investigators into the attacks say the Islamic path appears ever more likely. Indian security officials have suggested that the Bombay bombings bore the hallmarks of Lashkar-e-Toiba, a Kashmiri militant group operating from Pakistan. A Muslim organisation banned in India, the Students' Islamic Movement (Simi), is the latest group to deny involvement in the attacks.

Bombay police revealed that it although it knew the city was a target it had no means of preventing the attacks. The governor of the state of Maharasthra, of which is the Bombay capital, has offered a reward of 50.000 Euro for information which leads to the identification of the Bombay bombers. In the city daily life has resumed with schools and offices open and trains running regularly. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on the country to unite in the fight against terrorism. (PA)

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