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GOA: List of Priest Transfers - 2007

Transfer of Priests in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman - 2007

Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao has made the following appointments of priests in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman with effect from 1st June, 2007


Fr. Heinencio S. G. de Souza, Spiritual Director of the Seminary of Our Lady, Saligao-Pilerne.
Fr. Candido Fernandes, Professor of Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol
Fr. Afonso R. Menconça, Secretary of the Diocesan Commission for the Liturgy.
Fr. Daniel A. Pereira appointed Prefect of Discipline of Seminary of Our Lady Saligao-Pilerne.
Fr. Bolmax F. Pereira appointed Prefect of Discipline of Seminary of Our Lady Saligao-Pilerne.
Fr. Santana D'Souza, Procurator of the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol.


Fr. J. Armando A. C. da Gama e Souza to Chinchinim.
Fr. Jose Caetano D'Costa to Merces.
Fr. Jorge Pazzi Fernandes to Loutulim,
Fr. F. Matheus Fernandes e Rodrigues to Tivim.
Fr. D. Agnelo Mendes to Assagao.
Fr. Emidio M. I. Pinto to Guirim.
Fr. Roland S. Carvalho to Parra.
Fr. Rocklin P. D'Costa to Querim, and (Parochial Administrator) of Tiracol.
Fr. R. Eliseu Barreto to St. Jacinto.
Fr. Agnelo C. Rodrigues to Carmona.
Fr. Brito Fernandes to Utorda.
Fr. Raul T. Colaco to Goa Velha.
Fr. Santo Antonio Pereira to Shiroda.
Fr. Sebastiao Eusico L. Pereira to Neura.


Fr. Jose Nicolau Rodrigues, o.f.m. Cap, to Sinquerim.
Fr. Saluzinho Fernandes, s.f.x., to Cabo de Rama.
Fr. Mario Luis Vas, to Quepem


Fr. Erodiano F. Fernandes to Davorlim,
Fr. Jean R. da Cruz Fernandes to Carvota, Loutulim.
Fr. Agnelo Barnabe de Souza to Panzorconim.
Fr. John D'Silva to Telaulim.
Fr. C. J. Andrew M. J. Mascarenhas to Manora, Raia.
Fr. Antonio Oliveira to Carona, Aldona.
Fr. J. V. Francisco do R. Miranda, Cobravaddo, Calangute.


Fr. C. Alexandre Fernandes to Paroda.
Fr. Simon Barnabe Fernandes to Calangute.
Fr. Pedro C. Gama to Taleigao.
Fr. Tamatur Cardozo, s.d.b., to Tuem, and (Parochial Administrator) to Vaidongor.
Fr. Joao Fernandes to Aldona.
Fr. Francisco Jacinto Dias to Nuvem.
Fr. Francis X. Sunil de M. J. Fernandes to Colva.
Fr. Domingos Pereira to Velim.
Fr. Kennet Barreto Teles to Santa Cruz.
Fr. Marcelino Mariano de Souza to (St. John the Baptist) Benaulim.
Fr. Sebastiao J. Dias to (Holy Spirit) Margao.
Fr. Jose Gomes to (S. Bartolomeu) Chorao.
Fr. Blair Fernandes, o.f.m. Cap, to Chinchinim.
Fr. Joseph Fernandes, s.a.c., to Pernem.
Fr. Orlando Lopes, s.f.x., to Anjuna.


Fr. Macedonio da Costa to Our Lady of Grace Margao.
Fr. M. R. Oscar Coutinho e Quadros to Mapusa.
Fr. Dominic P. S. da Costa to Navelim,


Fr. Manuel Ubaldo Dias, Administrator of the Tribunal of the Archdiocese.
Fr. Domnic Alvares, s.f.x., as in-charge of Satari Mission Project, Birondem Unit.


Fr. Geraldo A. A. De Costa, PP of Chinchinim.
Fr. Nevel L. S. Gracias, PP of Utorda.
Fr. Protasio R. I. Soares Colaco, Chaplain of Davorlim.
Fr. Amandio A. da Costa, Chaplain of Carvota - Loutulim.
Fr. Valmiki do S. C. de J. F. Gonsalves Dias, Chaplain of Manora.
Fr. Simon Rodrigues, m.s.f.s. Asst. PP of Valpoi.
Fr. Anthony Alemao s.d.b. Asst. PP of Tuem, and (Parochial Administrator) from Vaidongor.
Fr. Custodio Fernandes, s.f.x. Asst. PP of Canaguinim, and (Parochial Administrator) from Cabo de Rama.
Fr. Edson A. Fernandes Asst. PP of Chorao, in order to do higher studies in Rome.
Fr. George Dias Asst. PP of (Grace) Margao, in order to do higher studies in Rome.
Fr. John Thomas Fernandes, o.f.m. Cap, from Sinquerim.
Fr. Henry D'Souza, s.f.x., from Cabo de Rama.
Fr. Jacinto R. Rodrigues from S. Jacinto.
Fr. Glen D'Silva, s.f.x., of in-charge of Satari Mission Project, Birondem Unit.
Fr. Rosario Oliveira of Administrator of the Tribunal of the Archdiocese.

The following assistant parish priests, in order to do the Pastoral Course at Old Goa, from July 2007 to April 2008

Fr. Edward Costa from Aldona,
Fr. Agnelo Gomes from Canacona,
Fr. Socorro Colaco from Candolim,
Fr. Ryan A. C. Estibeiro from Colva,
Fr. F. Savio de Souza from Fatorda,
Fr. Leslie B. Rego from Macazana,
Fr. Trindade J. Monteiro from (Grace) Margao,
Fr. Camilo Dias from Navelim,
Fr. Leenoy Dias from Panjim,
Fr. Jeronimo Fernandes from Paroda,
Fr. Mariano J. Dias from Taleigao,
Fr. Arvino Fernandes from Tollecanto,
Fr. Francis Pereira from Aquem.

INTERVIEW: Oscar Fernandes, Mangalore

May 30, 2007

UCAN Interview - 'My Faith Sustains Me In Politics'

Oscar Fernandes of Udupi, Mangalore

MANGALORE, India (UCAN) -- Compromising one's values will not advance one's political life much, according to Oscar Fernandes, a successful Catholic politician in India.

The 66-year-old federal minister from Mangalore, in the southern state of Karnataka, says his Catholic faith has sustained him during his 35 years in politics.

During that time, he has guided his Congress party as its national general secretary. Recently, he shared with UCA News how he lives his Catholic faith as an Indian politician. The interview follows:

UCA NEWS: What motivated you to enter politics?

OSCAR FERNANDES: It was my Catholic faith that motivated me. I was one of 12 children in my family, and I grew up with a strong Catholic background. As a child I was an altar boy, and as a youth I was active in Church activities. This active involvement with the Church really helped me to think bigger and get into politics. Moreover, I had over a dozen votes in my house itself (he laughs).

As a public figure, do you see yourself more as a Catholic or a politician?

I am both. I never separate my Catholic identity from politics. My faith is personal, and I never had to sacrifice my Catholic identity in politics. However busy I was, I never missed my family prayers, although I miss Sunday Mass sometimes. I believe that my religious identity is more a being and living, and it has been inseparable from my public life.

Has being a Catholic in a predominantly Hindu country helped your political life?

I feel, yes. India is a great nation with secular ideals. Here people do not discriminate against you in the name of religion; only politicians do. People are carried away by how you live your religious and personal life, rather than which god you believe in. I never hide my religious identity anywhere and never felt let down because of this. In fact, political life has been smooth and progressive because I believe in Jesus.

Who is Jesus for you?

Jesus has been a hero for me. He has been the greatest public servant, a revolutionary leader and selfless social activist. He is my role model and motivator. My religion believes in giving rather than receiving, sharing rather than bearing, and helping rather than being helped. I believe my political career was a special call and vocation for me.

Politics and politicians are generally disliked. How can you make a difference in Indian politics?

I believe in witnessing rather than preaching. I hardly preach Christianity, but the people of India know that I am a Christian. They see me praying, they see me happy and content, and they know that I love them. My principles are based on Christian values and I live them. I came into politics in 1972 by winning municipal council elections, and ever since I have lived a Catholic life and political career.

Christians are, by and large, apathetic about politics. But of late, thanks to the efforts of Catholic Sabha (council), hundreds of Catholics have contested panchayat (village council) elections and won. Quite a number of Catholics from various states have also come into national politics. So their thinking is changing.

What is Catholic Sabha? What were its objectives and what has it done so far?

I was one of the founders of (Mangalore diocese's) Catholic Sabha, which has completed some three decades. It was started to protest an anti-conversion bill introduced in parliament in 1979. Later, it became one of the strongest Catholic lay movements. It has provided a platform for many Catholics to enter politics. It has helped many youths to get into civil service, encouraged Catholics to contest panchayat elections and get involved in other social-service activities. We now manage a special school and rehabilitation center for mentally retarded children. Though I am more active in national politics, I have never ignored the Catholic Sabha, my first step in politics.

What are the challenges a committed Christian faces in politics?

It is embarrassing to be amid politicians who believe in mere politics and compromise without scruples to further their political future. But I have neither compromised my Catholic identity nor sacrificed the values I inherited from my devout parents. And those values have been my strength. In politics, if you do not assert your identity, you will get nowhere.

Christians now face persecution in India. As a Catholic minister, how do you respond to this?

I think Christians are luckier and safer in India than in any other country. Indians are so accommodating and hospitable. India has welcomed and supported different religions and faiths. How can we say India is a bad place for Christianity? The problem is politically motivated and never culturally rooted. It is caused by aggressiveness from both sides -- politicians looking for an issue for vote banks and some Christians acting like a politician to push their faith. Both are not correct.

Christianity has to spread through Christian witnessing rather than street preaching. I survived in Indian politics for the past three decades as a practicing Catholic. I was never persecuted for my faith.

You always appear in public with your wife, never alone. Does this ever hinder you?

It is never a bother, but my strength. We have been married for 25 years and never have we stayed separately. She is with me in all my success and failures, good days and bad days. Is it not Christian witness?

I am what I am because of my parents and I want my children also to say that. So we are together and we nurture our children with a good Catholic background. Children will get settled and they will go. But a wife can never leave like that. I believe if we are successful in our family life, we will be successful everywhere. And if we pray together and are strong in our faith, we can move mountains.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MANGALORE: Advocate Melvin Noronha Christian Marriage Registrar

Karnataka Govt. Appoints Advocate Noronha As Registrar Of Christian Marriages

MANGALORE, Karnataka -- Melvin P. Noronha, a leading advocate of Mangalore, has been appointed the Registrar of Christian marriages in South Kanara, by the Karnataka State government.

Forty-year-old Noronha represents many diocesan institutions and religious congregations in the diocese and is very active in social and Church spheres. He is the founder-president of the Cordel unit of the Catholic Sabha, a lay organisation working for the betterment of the Catholic community in the diocese.(SAR)

MUMBAI: BCS Opposes SEZ at Uttan-Gorai

Bombay Catholic Sabha Supports 'No SEZ At Uttan-Gorai' Campaign

MUMBAI, Maharashtra (May 29, 2007) -- Bombay Catholic Sabha (BCS), an influential Christian rights organisation, has openly opposed the setting up a special economic zone (SEZ) at Uttan-Gorai area here.

At a public rally held May 25 at Salvation Seva Kendra, the BCS supported the people of Utan-Gorai in their fight against the SEZ being planned in their area for the development of tourism and entertainment.

The various aspects of the proposed zone, the possible ill effects it would have on the people, the environment and the cultural heritage were highlighted at the rally.

BCS president Dolphy D’Souza welcoming the gathering said that the “actual understanding of SEZ is ‘Special Exploitation Zone’.”

He assured the residents of Uttan-Gorai the full support of BCS in their struggle and offered “all help”. There cannot be any development on the debris of humanity, he said, adding that the Sabha would arrange a meeting of Christian residents of the area with the Church authorities to enlist their support for the cause.

He said the Sabha units would start an awareness drive and collection of signatures to protest against the SEZ, besides displaying “We oppose SEZ” stickers.

President of Dharavi Beth Bachav Samiti, Joseph Gonsalves, spoke of the plight of the people in the 10 villages that would be affected by the proposed project -- seven of which are predominantly Catholic and three predominantly Hindu.

The project would ruin the lives of many people and “it would be the first instance of our own elected representatives displacing us and making a ‘foreign’ settlement within the State. The SEZ, he said, would lead to disintegration of the community economically, spiritually and socially and would put into oblivion the haven of rest and recreation for many of the citizens who used these areas to de-stress at the weekend.

Noted writer and environmentalist, Darryl D’Monte, drew parallels with similar movements of the past and the success stories of those groups who challenged the development and managed to retain their identity, culture and society.

Surekha Dalvi from the National Association of People’s Movement said the SEZ proposal was more than a local issue and was essentially a national problem, which called for a people’s movement against the special zones across the country.

Every political party was supporting SEZs and took just two days to get the draconian Act approving such zones passed, she said. (SAR)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Testimony - Valerian Dalmaida

The Grace of Divine Intervention

From Desperation to Everlasting Hope

By Valerian Dalmaida

Valerian Dalmaida

I am a Catholic from South India, born in 1960, in a family of staunch Catholic faith, hardworking, graceful and God was with us all the time. From my childhood I loved Jesus and Mother Mary. Everyday early morning and evening prayers at home, Angelus, Rosary, singing hymns. I was active in all church activities right from my childhood. After graduation, I was in Bombay between 1980 and 1983, for my article training in Chartered Accountancy. In those three years along with studies and work, I gained lot of worldly knowledge both good and bad; away from home I learnt all bad habits, but intelligent I was, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988 besides having a very good practice, assets and properties at the age of 28. In 1989, I got married to Blanch and by God’s grace I received two children both boys one in 1992 and another in 1993.

My intelligence, qualification, money and recognition at a young age made me very proud, I remained a Sunday Christian and at the same time participating all the rituals and religious practices of other religions and acknowledging in the process that "ALL GODS ARE SAME". Life had up and downs, I was in Middle East with my family, earned good money, returned to India after a stay of 5 years, set up better offices back at home for own practice and consultancy. World was beautiful; smoking, drinking, late nights, parties, recognition, name, salutes, money and all worldly things, you name it, I had it.

1998 saw the software boom in India. Caught up with this boom, I set up a public limited company for software development and related business. The private placement of shares brought in a lot of money, activities were in full swing, good business, by the beginning of 2000, the company set up its full pledged software development centre at Bangalore and branches in five cities of Karnataka. In total 113 people working, a monthly expenditure of over USD 22,000; I was really busy, no church, no mass, no prayers, no rosary, away from family, always busy and on top of all this, I started criticizing Catholics, priests and nuns, I used them for inauguration of offices only with the aim of publicity and marketing of the company products.

Public Issue was planned, approved by SEBI and everything was perfectly going until November 2000, when software public issues had no response, I could not bring out the issue, I needed money for development, I wanted the show to go on. The pride in me, was so much that I started borrowing by mortgaging my assets, personal loans from banks, jewels, fixed deposits and even pledging my wife’s salary. In 8 months, the debt to banks and suppliers was to the tune of USD 250,000. Yes, I reached to a point from where there was no return. For the first time I was feeling the ground under my feet was swiping away. I found myself a pauper, penniless, rationing for food at home, from abundance to nothing, children starving, no money for school fees, not even to buy a chocolate, borrowing for the very existence.

"Do My work, I will do yours"

May 17, 2001, 9.30 in the night, one of our software engineers flying to Singapore on a credit ticket and credit foreign exchange, not knowing what is the position of the company and the owner. Coming out of my office, no vehicle, my life was gloomy, thinking of such a huge debt, I had made up my mind to suicide, and I was walking, not knowing where, either to be hit by a running vehicle or ultimately to walk on the railway track. Yes, I was walking, in tears, desperate, thinking about my qualification, wife, children, mother, brothers and sister, where I was? How I was? How I became? And, I was passing through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, alone, sobbing and was "HELPLESS". For the first time, after two and half years, standing on the road, as if for the last time, looking at the cross on top of the Church, I uttered without my knowledge THREE words : "JESUS, SAVE ME." And, Alas! In that darkness, I saw a bright light coming from the cross towards me, so bright, I could not see it, I took off my eyes, I lifted my right hand and covered my face and lo, I felt the touch of a hand, my right hand was held tightly by another hand, I heard a voice "DO MY WORK, I WILL DO YOURS." I could not understand, what was happening to me, a total renewal, and my steps were towards my house and alone in the house, and I could not sleep. I was crying, in fact, sobbing like a little child, my entire life since my childhood came in front of me in flashes; it was like I was seeing in a mirror, all my past life. This continued till 5.30 in the morning. I could not sit and I washed my face and ran to the same church for the morning mass, after two and half years.

"Give thanks in all circumstances"

When the mass began, Again, the same voice, speaking to me: "Valerian, read 1 Thessalonians 5:16, 17, 18." This continued during the whole mass. I came out of the Church, I didn’t know, that there are 2 letters of St.Paul to the Thessalonians. I asked one of my friend to read the bible for me for 1Thessalonians 5:16-18. And he read it for me "REJOICE ALWAYS, PRAY CONSTANTLY, GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES; FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS FOR YOU."

Since that day, till today, the Holy Spirit is guiding my steps to the Eucharist daily morning. I came back to the Lord, unknowingly, what a renewal, a "U" turn; I could understand the scriptures more beautifully, each word of the Lord, so loving and life giving. God showered with so many spiritual blessings, the gift of faith and the gift of word of knowledge, there was peace in my heart and I could feel the Kingdom of God is within me. I attended a retreat by Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran VC, of Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, in December 2001 in my home town, I had a confession, and during adoration, I saw the same bright light which I saw earlier from the cross, from the Holy sacrament coming into my heart. Ah, what a tremendous love, I was surrounded by the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The worries, court cases, police cases, waiting in the courts and police stations, criminal cases and warrants for cheque bouncing, no vehicle, no money, walking miles together, the Lord was with me, I was thanking Him, in complete faith, accepting and surrendering to His will. Jesus is living, I could feel him, and I could talk to Him. Yes, he took me for a retreat to Potta in January 2002. I received the gift of tongues and Jesus, revealed me how to pray in my personal prayer. In May 2002, once again, Holy Spirit guided me to another retreat with my wife and two sons. During the week long retreat, all of us received the gift of prayer. On returning from Potta, a visit visa to the Middle East was waiting for me. I thanked the Lord, I left India, in fact, I had to escape, and that was how God told me. Triune God, was leading me, feeding me, within 30 days of landing in this foreign country, God gave me a job according to our needs. I have repaid more than USD 320,000 loan in the past 5 years. God is using me for his kingdom, He is faithful, He keeps His promise, He made me his powerful instrument of faith, and I am spreading the light of Christ and the love of God to those I meet.

Praise the Lord!

Monday, May 28, 2007

She Begged For Alms And Crowned Mother Mary

She Begged For Alms And Crowned Mother Mary

Picture of Thangamma

BANGALORE, May 28, 2007 -- Pilgrims to the 25-year-old Shrine of Mother of Mines in Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka, were in for a big surprise when 76-year-old Thangamma announced her gift of a Rs-65,000 gold crown for the miraculous statue of Mother Mary.

Thangamma won no lottery. It was the alms she received begging for the last 30 years at the Shrine of Mother of Mines in the mining town of KGF, 90 kilometres from Bangalore.

Thangamma is stone blind in her left eye. Her right eyesight is fading, too. But her faith has not failed even in the darkest moments of her life. "I was Muniamma when I came to KGF 31 years ago. It was the good Father John Solomon who baptised me and I took the name Thangamma (Mother of Mines)," she recalls, even as she vividly recollects the many priests who served at the church.

Shrine of Mother of Mines at Kolar Gold Fields (KGF)

Though blessed with four sons and four daughters, she was abandoned by them and her husband and in-laws when she chose to embrace Christianity. "There was a lot of opposition from all sides when they came to know that I wanted to become a Christian… My children began acting rude with me. One of my sons even punched me in the eye," she said with abject grief.

"One by one, they all deserted me. Life was a lonely and painful journey but as I began begging at the chapel of Our Mother of Mines, I began to feel a kind of peace that I never experienced before in my life. I used to spend much time looking at the statue of Mother Mary. She was real to me. She became part of my life. She became my greatest comfort and I decided never to leave the portals of the Chapel."

Father P. Arockiadoss, the first diocesan priest from the parish testifies: "From my early childhood, I used to observe Thangamma always present in the church. I doubt she ever missed a single Mass; she was always found in the chapel either sweeping or mopping the floor or dusting the benches or decorating Our Lady’s statue with flowers."

Thangamma continues with the same routine and is able to strike a conversation with almost anyone.

"When the mines were functioning, many Britishers used to give me good alms."

Now, on Sundays, Thangamma makes a collection of rupees hundred or more. "Some pilgrims sometimes give me a blue note (100 rupees) she says with a broad toothless grin."

Thanks to the generosity of the Vincent de Paul Society-run Home for the Aged in the parish vicinity, Thangamma stays there and gets her daily meals.

Already in her third quarter, hale and healthy Thangamma says, "I will live many more years because I have to beg and buy a gold chain next, for my Mother," she says, tearfully pointing to the statue of Our Lady in the shrine. (SAR)

MUMBAI: Gospel Music Concert - June 2007

Gospel Music Concert at Mumbai on June 3, 2007

Torchbearers for Christ / Lilly of the Valley Youth Cell (Mira Road) will presents Rejoice 2007, An evening of Live Gospel Music at St. Joseph's Church Ground Mumbai on June 3, 2007.

Details of the event are as follows:

Venue: St. Joseph Church Ground, Sheetal Nagar, Mira Road (E)
Date: Sunday, 3rd June, 2007
Time: 6.00 pm onwards

Entry to the Concert is free.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

MANGALORE: Concetta Hospital Opens New OPD Block

Mangalore Concetta Hospital Opens New OPD Block

New Delhi, May 27, 2007, 11.00 Hrs (CBCI News):

Concetta Hospital, Kinnigoli, near Mangalore opened it’s new Out Patients Department (OPD) on May 26, 2007, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Golden Jubilee Year of it’s foundation.

Superior General of the congregation of the Little Flower of Bethany Sr Jyothi, B.S. inaugurated the newly built Out Patient Department of the hospital, which was blessed by the vicar forane of Kinnigoli Deanery Fr Patrick Rodrigues.

The superior general congratulated the Director of Concetta Hospital, Sr Lilian, B.S. and her team for excellent health care provided by the hospital.

Earlier, Msgr. Denis Prabhu, vicar general of Mangalore Diocese celebrated the thanksgiving Eucharist in the Immaculate Conception Church, Kinnigoli.

Started by Fr. Jacob Lobo in 1958 to provide medical facilities for the people of Kinnigoli and the surrounding villages, the hospital has gown in size and stature.

“The child was born. ‘Will it survive?’ was the question of many. By the hard work of Fr. Jacob Lobo and the labour of love of many a person of good will, the child grew up steadily and is currently at the threshold of its Golden Jubilee,” recalled the hospital administrator, Sr Lelian, B. S.

In the beginning the Hospital comprised 12 beds. The Maternity Block with 6 beds was inaugurated in 1962. Today, the hospital has 75 beds and 24 Hour emergency facilities.

Due to the lack of transport facilities in the area, the need for mobile clinics was felt. Hence mobile clinic services were started in Neerude, Damaskatte, Niddodi, Balkunje & Kateel in 1971.

On 26.08.1986, the management of the hospital was handed over to the Bethany Congregation.

Nursing Aid Course was started in the year 1982. About 150 students have successfully completed the course and are employed here as well as other hospitals. There are 15 students in the current year.

Considering the need of preventive and promotive health, the hospital extended the health services to the community through the Community Health Project from the year 1995, which covers 25 neighbouring villages.

In 1987, a full-pledged Operation Theatre started functioning. Various types of surgeries are performed by efficient surgeons in the Theatre. During the year 2006 nearly 400 surgeries were performed.

In 1992, the Maternity Block was extended. In 1998 the maternity services were upgraded with ultrasound facilities. During the last year, i.e., 2006 nearly one thousand scans (obstetric & general) were performed. There is a gradual increase in the number of deliveries. In 2005 there were 460 deliveries and in 2006 the number increased to 520. A better fetal monitoring machine called NST Machine (non stress test) was donated by Dr. Ann Eline from Germany in the year 2005.

In the year 2002 new Emergency Block was built with modern emergency facilities. In the successive years the old building was renovated with additional Special Rooms and Semi Special Rooms, which attracts many more patients to the hospital.

Homeopathy Consultation has been made available for the patients twice a week by experts from Fr. Muller Homeopathy Medical College.

Through CBCI Health care and CODP, Concetta Hospital is actively involved in the detection of HIV/AIDS patients through VCTC Programme. The tests are conducted free of cost. In the past 1½ year 900 patients are tested for HIV/AIDS and 34 patients were detected to be positive. When HIV/AIDS patients are admitted to the hospital, they are treated without any discrimination.

The hospital has outpatient services, inpatient services (50 beds, 6 Special Rooms & 10 Semi Special Rooms, Male & Female General Wards), maternity services (16 beds) and 24- hour emergency services.

Besides, X-ray, ECG, Laboratory services, treatment for snake bite, Ultrasound Facility, Ambulance Service and mmmunization for neonates, infants & children.

The hospital attends to sick calls in the homes according to the need.

Specialists visit the hospital on a regular basis. Gynaecology, Paediatric, Orthopaedic, Medical, Surgical, Dermatology & Sonology are some of the specialist consultations available in the hospital.

Sr. Lelian took over as the first Bethany Director of the hospital in 1986. Since that time, till date she has been captaining the ship responsibly.

"Since then, the Concetta Hospital has been steadily growing and effectively carrying out all the activities in the field of medical service and integrated community health programme," said Sr Jyothi

Thursday, May 24, 2007

KARNATAKA: Four Catholic Colleges Granted Autonomy

Four Catholic Colleges Granted Autonomy

Mangalore, May 24, 2007 10.07 Hrs (CBCI News):

The Karnataka Government has given autonomy to four Catholic colleges affiliated to Mangalore University. The institutions are: St. Aloysius College, St. Agnes College, St. Ann's College of Education and Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has credited the 87-year old St. Agnes College with “Five Star” and the 127-year old St. Aloysius College with “A” Grade.

The St. Ann's College of Education, which offers B.Ed., M.Ed. has received five-star grade.

Jesuit Father Swebert D'Silva, principal of St. Aloysius College, said that the college was fully prepared to switch over to the autonomous system from the academic year 2007-08.

St Aloysius College is located in the heart of Mangalore situated on the top of Light House Hill with a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea. It offers Graduate and Post-Graduate Diploma and Ph.D. programmes in a wide variety of subjects in Humanities, Sciences, Commerce and Management. The college also teaches Pre-University courses in Science, Commerce and Arts.

The college traces its origins to 1880 when some European Jesuits who had landed in Mangalore three years earlier put up a college for the education of Catholic youth.

St. Agnes College was started as a center of learning in higher education since 1920. Students from Mangalore and from other districts of Karnataka and Kerala are the major student population who flock in to the portals of this college.

There is also an inflow from the gulf countries to pursue courses in Business Management, B.Com, Computers and Micro Biology. Since recent times students from other parts of the country especially Mumbai and Bangalore are also seeking admission to St. Agnes College.

“What characterizes St. Agnes College as a unique institution is its inbuilt traditions shaping human person of staff and students and a constant striving to establish higher education of relevance and excellence. Excellence is not trifle, but trifles make excellence, both in the classroom and in the daily curricular and extra curricular programmes,” said the Principal Sr Carmelita, AC.

The St Agnes College has been the first ever Catholic women's college in India.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KARWAR: Msgr Simon Tellis Appointed Vicar General

Msgr. Simon Tellis Appointed Vicar General of Karwar Diocese

Msgr. Simon Tellis Appointed New Vicar General of Karwar Diocese by Bishop Derek Feranndes

May 23, 2007 ( Msgr. Simon Tellis has been appointed Vicar General of the diocese of Karwar with effect from 14th May 2007. Bishop Derek Ferandes announced the appointment in his circular dated May 19, 2007.

Msgr. Simon Tellis was first appointed Vicar General of the diocese in October 1989 by Rt. Rev. William D'Mello, Karwar's first Bishop. This post he held till the retirement of the Bishop D'Mello on 24 February 2007 at which time he served as the administrator of the Diocese till the consecration of Most Rev. Derek Fernandes on 20 April 2007 as Bishop of Karwar.

According to Canon Law, a vicar general may be freely appointed or removed by a Diocesan Bishop.

In appointing Msgr. Tellis once again to the post, the new Bishop may have wanted to bring continuity in the work started by Bishop Emeritus DMello alongside whom the Monsignor worked for almost 18 years.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Couples for Christ (CFC) in India

Couples for Christ - International Catholic Community

What is Couples for Christ (CFC)?

COUPLES FOR CHRIST (CFC) is an International Catholic Community constituted canonically as a private international association of pontifical right recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity. This Catholic community sees itself as a missionary community committed to the work of global evangelization and renewal, with the goal of winning the world for Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It started in June 1981 in Manila, Philippines, where presently its International headquarters are based. Today it attracts over 1 million members in around 158 countries.

COUPLES FOR CHRIST carries out its mission of renewal throughout the world by focusing on three basic areas--evangelization, family life renewal, and Church renewal:


COUPLES FOR CHRIST is called to a work of evangelization that is rapid, massive and global.


COUPLES FOR CHRIST's work of evangelization, formation and support is situated in the context of Christian family living.


COUPLES FOR CHRIST seeks to build a network of committed Christian couples and families throughout the world. It is committed to building up vibrant Christian communities in the parishes, dioceses and localities where its members congregate.

COUPLES FOR CHRIST draws its membership from all sectors of society--young and old, rich and poor, educated or illiterate, etc. It transcends all racial, cultural, economic, educational, social and other distinctions. Those who want to join COUPLES FOR CHRIST go through a seminar called a Christian Life Program


The CLP is an integrated course leading into a renewed understanding of God's call to Christian couples, to a personal response of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, and to receiving a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their lives. After the CLP, those who finish are invited to join COUPLES FOR CHRIST by making their commitment to "The covenant of the Couples for Christ" and are then integrated into the body. They are then made part of a small cell group called a household. The household is composed of from 4 to 7 couples who meet weekly for mutual support and encouragement in the Christian life, under the direction of a Household Head. With a view of fulfilling its mission of Building the Church of the Home

COUPLES FOR CHRIST has established its Family Ministries. These are CFC Kids for Christ (KFC), CFC Youth for Christ (YFC), CFC Singles for Christ (SFC), CFC Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) for widows, older unmarried women, separated or divorced women, and women whose husbands are abroad, and CFC Servants of the Lord (SOLD), the counterpart of the HOLD for the men. More recently COUPLES FOR CHRIST has established its Social Ministries to work for the Building the Church of the Poor.

COUPLES FOR CHRIST has developed a systematic syllabus for the formation of its members. Using a variety of methods viz. weekly community meetings, monthly teaching nights, recollection days, live-in retreats, it offers its members opportunity to grow in Christian maturity.

COUPLES FOR CHRIST is a laity based programme. Lay persons here are highly motivated to fulfill their God-given role in the church. While recognizing, deferring to and actively submitting to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and to the teaching of the Magisterium, it nonetheless believes that family based communities are best governed by lay people. All members whether men or women, adults or youth or even kids are trained to take on responsibility and serve the
community in accordance with their gifts.

In India, COUPLES FOR CHRIST operates in over 30 States & Union Territories.

In Maharashtra COUPLES FOR CHRIST operates in the following Dioceses (1) Mumbai Archdiocese (2) Vasai, (3) Pune, (4) Nasik (5) Sindhudurg and by the year end its mission is to reach other diocese such as (1) Amravati (2) Aurangbad (3) Chanda (4) Nagpur & (5) Kalyan

Couples For Christ has a plan to reach out all the Parishes in Maharashtra within next couple of years

Couples for Christ in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, the CLP's are given in English, Marathi & Konkani. Kindly get in touch with the following couples to start CLP in your parish

(1) Frank & Nancy Ferrao (English) 26838791/9820551837
(2) Elias & Louiza Alvares (Konkani) 28343567
(3) Peter & Pramila Rodrigues (Marathi) 28310342/9324524536
(4) Robert & Cynthia D'Souza (English) 32516218/9322927187

Couples for Christ in Mangalore

In Mangalore you can get in touch with:

(1) Alex & Lynette Serrao 0824-2217332/9845459593
(2) Mervin & Ruby Saldanha ( Kallianpur /Udupi area) 0820580442/9448129120
(3) Herald & Josephine D'Souza (Bantwal) 08255232132
(For Kerala) get in touch with Paul & Theresa Andrade 08242435163/9845589743

for more details please visit our global site:

Posted by Walter Crasta

Sunday, May 20, 2007

MANGALORE: Youth Retreat by Thomas Paul - May 2007

MANGALORE: Youth Retreat at Bejai by Br. Thomas Paul

There will be a Catholic youth retreat at Bejai led by Bro. Thomas Paul of Kingdom Ministries.

Dates: 22nd -24th May, 2007
Time: 9am to 5pm
Place: Bejai Parish Hall, Bejai, Mangalore
Registration Charge: Rs 100 (for three days).
Preached by: Br. Thomas Paul (Kingdom Ministries)

This retreat is mainly for youth in the 16 to 30 age group. Parents also welcome.

Posted by Rohit D'Souza

Friday, May 18, 2007

MUMBAI: Pentecost Outreach by Aneel Aranha - May 2007

MUMBAI: Pentecost Outreach by Aneel Aranha at St. Anthony's Church - Vakola

Aneel Aranha, founder of Holy Spirit Interactive will be conducting an outreach on 24th, 25th and the 26th of May (Thurs - Sat) at St. Anthony's Church, Vakola from 7.30 to 9 p.m. The outreach will conclude with a Pentecost Rally on Sunday, 27th May from 6 - 9 p.m.

Please do spread the word around to people of Vakola-Kalina-Kurla zones

Posted by Jennifer D'souza

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pioneer Carmelite Sr. Sabina Mascarenhas Passes Away

A Pioneer Carmelite Nun Passes Away

May 17, 2007

AHMEDABAD, Gujarat (SAR NEWS) -- Sister Sabina Mascarenhas, the first Indian candidate to join the Spanish Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna (CCV), died in Mumbai following a massive heart attack May 13. She was 72.

Sister Mascarenhas had served her congregation for 52 years in different fields like education, administration and formation of the youth in Gujarat. She worked till the last day of her life as secretary to the Provincial Sister Celine Paul at their Mother House, Shraddhasseri, Andheri East, Mumbai.

Sister Mascarenhas was born August 29, 1935, at Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir State into a devout family from Goa state. She joined the CCV Sisters at Bhavnagar in 1955 after teaching for a few years at the congregation's Fatima School.

The Catholic nun had her earlier religious formation in Rome, Italy. On her return from Rome, she took up teaching again from 1962 at the Fatima High School, Bhavnagar. In 1973 she was appointed superior of their community at St. Xavier's Ladies' Hostel Ahmedabad, which housed hundreds of girls studying in St. Xavier's College Ahmedabad.

She has also worked in the socio-pastoral field in Modasa Mission and youth ministry at Vidyanagar in Anand, Gujarat state, for two years.

Sister Mascarenhas was then elected to lead their congregation in India as the Provincial Superior in 1982. "As the Provincial she gave her best during six years. She was a person who always had time for everyone. The young and the old loved her alike," a senior CCV nun, Sister Theresa, told SAR News.

After her two terms as Provincial Superior, Sister Mascarenhas was appointed superior of the Ahwa Deep Darshan School Community and then as the formation in charge at Bhavnagar.

From 1997 till her death, Sister Mascarenhas served the congregation as secretary to three Provincial Superiors: Sisters Bonita, Romania and Celine Paul.

"Sabina died as she lived – gently, humbly and peacefully. Hardly ever a complaint passed her lips. She was a person of great depth and of understanding and therefore never spoke ill of anyone," said Sister Celine Paul at the funeral.

Sister Mascarenhas's parents died early. So Sabina and her brother, now living at Bhavnagar, and a sister, living in Mumbai, were brought up by an uncle at Bhavnagar.

"Sister Sabina was an inspiring personality," said Sister Mary Mangan, a senior sister of the CCV Congregation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fr Pradeep New Rector of Pune Papal Seminary

Father Pradeep Sequeira Is New Rector of Papal Seminary Pune

May 16, 2007

BANGALORE, Karnataka (SAR NEWS) -- Jesuit Father Pradeep Sequeira has been appointed Rector of the Papal Seminary in Pune, Maharashtra State.

The new rector told SAR News: "The appointment comes from two sources – the Prefect for Evangelisation at the Vatican, Ivan Cardinal Dias, has appointed me rector of the St. Francis Xavier Papal Seminary while the Jesuit Superior General has appointed me the rector of the Jesuits of the Papal Seminary."

"I deem the appointment as a fortunate responsibility given to me, though I feel rather inadequate. It’s of being of service to the Church in India and an important responsibility. Today’s seminarians are the future of the Church," said Father Sequeira.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fr. Adolf Washington New ICPA President

"Promoting journalism based on authentic values" Fr Adolf Washington new president of the Indian Catholic Press Association

BANGALORE May 11, 2006 (Fides Service): - Journalism which is neither scandalistic nor sensationalistic; which fosters respect for the human person, human dignity and rights, promotes justice and solidarity, fights to eliminate discrimination, draws inspiration from authentic Christian values: this is the style of journalism proposed by Fr Adolf Washington, president of the Indian Catholic Press Association ICPA, in his address when he took office on 6 May.

A 35 year old freelance journalist, former vice president of the ICPA, Fr Adolf was elected at a recent meeting in Bangalore. "I am sure the executive members will assist me in this difficult task", said the young priest-journalist. With a degree in journalism and media, lecturer in various schools and universities, Fr. Adolf also contributes to publications such as The New India Express, Oasis, Deccan Herlad, The Catholic Asian Age and is the author of numerous papers on communications.

The vision from which he draws inspiration is to "encourage journalism based on authentic values", striving to make Christian values present not only in specifically Catholic press but also in secular media, addressing the general public, not only the small percentage of Catholics in India.

The Indian Catholic Press Association was established in 1964 to unite Catholic dailies and periodicals, news agencies and publishers, journalists, scholars and docents of journalism. The founders were editors of Catholic newspapers Deepika, Kerala Times, Thozhilali and some weeklies. Today it has 150 members. Since it was founded ICPA has always organised meetings and seminars to promote reflection and growth in the sector of Catholic media. It also helps promote relationships of friendship among members, offers a service of information and formation, and encourages research in the field of communications. In India Catholics were among the first to be involved in social communications, often thanks to the work of missionaries who codified alphabets, wrote grammar books, translated dictionaries, started bulletins and magazines.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

BOMBAY - Appointments and Transfers - 2007

BOMBAY ARCHDIOCESE: Appointments and Transfers of Priests


Fr Harold Vaz - Rector, St Pius X College

Fr John Almeida - Parish Priest, St Anthony Church, Dharavi, while continuing as Principal, Joseph Cardijn; Technical School, Dadar (East)

Fr William Athaide -Parish Priest, St Pius X Church, Mulund

Fr Ajit Bandekar - Parish Priest, St Anthony Church, Malwani

Fr Peter D'Cunha - Parish Priest, Infant Jesus Church, Dombivli

Fr Allywn D'Silva - Parish Priest, Our Lady of Nazareth Church, Bhayandar

Fr James D'Silva - Parish Priest, Our Lady of Bethlehem Church, Dongri

Fr Don John D'Souza - Parish Priest, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Korlai

Fr Michael D’Souza - Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Sea Church, Uttan

Fr Cleophas Fernandes - Parish Priest, Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar

Fr Theodore Fernandes - Parish Priest, St Jude Church, Jeri Meri

Fr Diago Pereira - Parish Priest, St John the Evangelist Church, Fort

Fr Dominic Pereira - Parish Priest, St Joseph Church, Umerkhadi

Fr Andrew Sequeira - Parish Priest, St Joseph Church, Colaba

Fr Andrew Mukadom - Priest-in-charge, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Majiwada

Fr Michael D’Costa - Assistant at Our Lady of Victories Church, Mahim and Principal, Victoria High School, Mahim

Fr Colman Carlos - Assistant Director, Joseph Cardijn Technical School, Dadar (East) with residence at St Blaise Church, Amboli

Fr Vernon de Souza - Joint Administrator, Clergy Home, Bandra

Fr Anthony J. Fernandes - Assistant Youth Director, Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Bandra

Fr Hilary Fernandes - Director, Muktisagar Prabodhan Kendra, Uttan with residence at Our Lady of the Sea Church, Uttan

Fr Ubaldo Barretto - On the Staff, St Joseph Church, Belapur - C.B.D.

Fr Peter Drego - On the Staff, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Bandra

Fr Anthony Fernandes - On the Staff, St Francis Xavier Church, Dabul

Fr Sanjeev Prasad Pereira - On the Staff, St Joseph Church, Vikhroli

Fr Ronald Sequeira - On the Staff, St Joseph Church, Umerkhadi


Fr Anthony Cardozo CScR - Assistant, St Anthony Church, Vakola

Fr Joe D’Mello - Assistant, Sacred Heart Church, Worli

Fr Bernard D’Souza - Assistant, Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar

Fr Henry D’Souza - Assistant, Cathedral of the Holy Name, Fort

Fr Henry S. D’Souza - Assistant, St Joseph Church, Vikhroli

Fr Julius D’Souza - Assistant, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Goregaon (West)

Fr Savio D’Souza - Assistant, St Anthony Church, Saki Naka

Fr Warner D’Souza - Assistant, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Bandra

Fr Marian Fernandes - Assistant, St Joseph Church, Juhu

Fr Hubert Goveas - Assistant, St Pius X Church, Mulund

Fr Edward Jacinto - Assistant, St Lawrence Church, Wagle Estate

Fr Christopher Jeyakumar - Assistant, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Pokhran

Fr T. P. Lonappan - Assistant, St Blaise Church, Amboli

Fr Michael Martires - Assistant, St Francis of Assisi Church, Bandra

Fr Walter Pinto - Assistant, St Thomas Church, Goregaon (East)

Fr Lincoln Rebello - Assistant, St Joseph Church, Goregaon (East)

Fr Jude Rodrigues - Assistant, St Paul Church, Dadar (East)

Fr Xavier Rodrigues - Assistant, Good Shepherd Church, Andheri (West)

Fr Conrad Saldanha - Assistant, St Paul Church, Dadar (East)

Fr Reuben Tellis - Assistant, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem

Fr Vincent Thomas - Assistant, St Anthony of Padua Church, Kalwa


Fr Walter D’Souza - Assistant, Our Lady of Nazareth Church, Bhayandar

Fr Stephen Maria - Assistant, St Jude Church, Jeri Meri

Fr Leon Mascarenhas - Assistant, St John the Evangelist Church, Marol


Fr Claudy Vas SAC - Parish Priest, St Vincent Pallotti Church, Marol

Fr Anthony Lopez MSFS - Priest in-charge, Holy Redeemer Church, Khapoli

Fr Valentine Alphonso SAC - Priest in-charge, Good Shepherd Church, Sanpada

Fr Clement Mendonca MSFS - Assistant, St Joseph Church, Kurla

Fr Regie Malekar SDB - Assistant, St Dominic Savio Church, Wadala (East)

Fr Allwyn Misquitta SDB - Assistant, St John Bosco Church, Borivli

Fr Baptist Monteiro SDB - Assistant, St Dominic Savio Church, Wadala (East)

Fr Edmund Carrasco SJ - Assistant, St Anne Church, Mazagaon

Fr Henry D’Cruz SJ - Assistant, St Anne Church, Mazagaon

Fr Bosco D’Souza SJ - Assistant, Holy Family Church, Andheri (East)

Fr Aloysius Murzello SJ - Assistant, St Peter Church, Bandra

Fr Callisto Gomes SVD - Assistant, Sarva Vikas Deep, Mangaon

Fr Anil Kumar Thippabattini SVD - Assistant, Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (East)


Fr Ani Zacharia Valiyatharayil OIC - Parish Priest, St Joseph Malankara Catholic Church, Ulhasnagar

Fr Jacob Eettithadathil OIC - Parish Priest, St Thomas Malankara Catholic Church, Borivli

Fr Peter John Valayil OIC - Parish Priest, St Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Saki Naka and Vikhroli

Fr Peter Jeyakanthan SSS - Priest-in-charge, St Anthony Church, Tembipada

Fr Aniceto Pereira - Assistant, St Anthony Church, Malwani

Fr Arokia Punithan SSS - Assistant, St Anthony Church, Dharavi

Fr Joseph Parachalil O. Praem - Assistant, Our Lady of Visitation Church, Nerul

Fr Leopold Soares SJ - Assistant, St Francis Xavier Church, Kanjur and Principal, St Francis Xavier High School, Kanjur

Fr Patrick D'Mello - Assistant, St John the Evangelist Church, Marol

Fr Satish Baburaw Adhav HGN - Assistant, Our Lady of Velankanni Church, Irla

Fr Anthony J. Fernandes - Archdiocesan Vocation Promoter while continuing to be Assistant Youth Director, Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Bandra

Fr Mario Mendes - Deputed for studies, Masters in Social Work with residence at Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar

Fr Melroy Fernandes - Deputed for studies in Communications, NISCORT, New Delhi

The above appointments take place with effect from June 1, 2007

(To be continued)

+ Oswald Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay

May 19, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MANGALORE: Mass Wedding Solemnized

Catholic Bishop Solemnizes Nuptial Vows Of 17 Couples

May 9, 2007

MANGALORE, Karnataka (SAR NEWS) -- To minimize the lavish wedding expenses incurred by the ordinary Catholic families, Mangalore Diocese this year celebrated community marriages of 17 couples.

Bishop Aloysius D’Souza of Mangalore solemnized the nuptials at the Rosario Cathedral on May 6.

The prelate presented a copy of the Bible to each of the couple, hailing from different parts of the diocese and exhorted them to build their lives on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Traditionally Mangalorean Catholic weddings are known for lavish expenses leading invariably the newly weds into huge debts.

The idea of community weddings was mooted 32 years by the Rosario Cathedral unit of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) to help the families to have an occasion for community celebrations.

Till date, SVP has helped 474 couples with donations received from generous Catholics in the diocese thus saving the newly weds from the burden of debts.

“It is important to make community weddings more popular among the people so that people stop borrowing money or taking loans from the banks to celebrate the wedding and pay off the loans for a long time”, noted Konkani writer Dr Edward Nazareth, the chief guest told a large crowd at the reception.

Household goods worth Rs. 2000 and Rs. 4000 as fixed deposit were gifted to each of the couples.

Seven priests assisted Bishop D’Souza in the community nuptial ceremony. Rudolph Tauro, SVP president of the Rosario Cathedral unit and other SVP members looked after the arrangements.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MANGALORE: Diocesan Priest Transfers - 2007

Mangalore Diocese: Priests Transfers and Appointments

The Bishop of Mangalore, Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D'Souza has announced the transfer of the following Priests of the Diocese May 4, 2007.

Sl.No. Name - Current Assignment => New Assignment - (Transfer Date)

List I

01. Fr. Boniface D'Souza - Panja => LSP Convent Bajjodi - (01-3-2007)

02. Fr. Arokiaswamy OFM - Bangalore => Bannur - (15-4-2007)

03. Fr. Victor Machado - Rector => Renewed - (1-5-2007)

04. Fr. Roque D'sa - Modankap => Modankap (PP) - (1-5-2007)

05. Fr. Francis D'Souza - Studies => Rector, Gladsome - (1-5-2007)

06. Fr. Michael Mascarenhas - Newly Ordained => Vittal (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

07. Fr. Rocky Fernandes - Newly Ordained => Belman (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

08. Fr. Santosh Menezes - Newly Ordained => Bejai (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

09. Fr. Maxim S D'Souza - Newly Ordained => Anjelore (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

10. Fr. Maxim D'Souza - Newly Ordained => Bondel (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

11. Fr. Lancy Saldanha - Newly Ordained => Mudipu (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

12. Fr. Melwin Lobo - Newly Ordained => Udyavar (Asst.PP) - (10-5-2007)

13. Fr. Marian Pinto - Rosario => St. Antony's Home - (10-5-2007)

14. Fr. Vincent Crasta - Rosario => Puttur (Asst.PP) - (14-5-2007)

15. Fr. Denis Prabhu - Chancellor => Vicar General - (15-5-2007)

16. Fr. Henry Sequiera - Judicial Vicar => Judicial Vicar and Chancellor - (15-5-2007)

17. Fr. Msgr. Fred V. Pereira - Vicar General => St. Anthony's home - (16-5-2007)

18. Fr. Vincent V. Saldanha - Belthangady => Cordel (Asst.PP) - (16-5-2007)

19. Fr. Vishal Lobo - Permannur => Udupi (Asst.PP) - (16-5-2007)

20. Fr. Rudolf Ravi D'Sa - Bendur => Belthangady (Asst.PP) - (17-5-2007)

21. Fr. Vincent Lobo - Bondel => Bendur (Asst.PP) - (18-5-2007)

22. Fr. Sunil Viegas - Vamanjoor => Pakshikere (Asst.PP) - (19-5-2007)

23. Fr. Naveen P. D'Souza - Vittal => Bejai (Asst.PP) - (19-5-2007)

24. Fr. Stany Monteiro - Kateel => Kokkada - (19-5-2007)

25. Fr. Edwin Corriea - Shirva => Milagres-Mangalore (Asst.PP) - (20-5-2007)

26. Fr. Frederick Monteiro - Surathkal => Vamanjoor (Asst.PP) - (20-5-2007)

27. Fr. Valerian Lewis - Kokkada => Sullia - (20-5-2007)

28. Fr. Kiran Pinto - Valencia => Shirva (Asst.PP) - (21-5-2007)

29. Fr. Robert Crasta - Sulia => Kateel - (21-5-2007)

30. Fr. Aloysius D'Souza - ICYM => Puttur College - (21-5-2007)

31. Fr. Santosh D'Souza - Jalasangi => Panja - (23-5-2007)

32. Fr. Abel Lobo - Panja => Vamadapadav - (24-5-2007)

33. Fr. Clive Tellis SDB - Goa => Kelmbet (Asst.PP) - (24-5-2007)

34. Fr. Ronald Miranda - Vamadapadav => Miyar - (25-5-2007)

35. Fr. Vincent V. Menezes - Miyar => Cascia - (26-5-2007)

36. Fr. Cyril D'Souza - Cascia => Holidays - (27-5-2007)

37. Fr. Lawrence Menezes - Holidays => Mukka - (27-5-2007)

38. Fr. Alexander Noronha - Cordel => Rosario (Asst.PP) - (28-5-2007)

39. Fr. Herald C. D'Souza - Mukka => Pangla - (28-5-2007)

40. Fr. Alexander Lobo - Pangla => Vianney Home - (29-5-2007)

41. Fr. Romeo Lewis - Cascia => Perampalli - (1-6-2007)

42. Fr. James D'Souza - Perampalli => Belthangady - (2-6-2007)

43. Fr. Gerald D'Souza - Belthangady => Puttur - (3-6-2007)

44. Fr. Alban Rodrigues - Agrar => Kumbla - (3-6-2007)

45. Fr. Alfred Pinto - Kumbla => Kinnigoli - (4-6-2007)

46. Fr. Bonaventure Nazareth - Puttur => Valencia - (4-6-2007)

47. Fr. Paul Pinto - Valencia => Fajir - (5-6-2007)

48. Fr. Richard Saldanha - Fajir => Belvai - (6-6-2007)

49. Fr. Gregory Serrao - Belvai => Pernal - (7-6-2007)

50. Fr. Maxim Rosario - Puttur => Valencia (Resi) - (7-6-2007)

51. Fr. Valerian D'Souza - Pernal => Siddakatte - (8-6-2007)

52. Fr. Mark Valdar - Siddakatte => Gantalakatte - (9-6-2007)

53. Fr. Anil D'Souza - Gantalakatte => ICYM - (9-6-2007)

54. Fr. Anil V. Menezes - Udyavar => Gulbarga Diocese (June, 2007)

55. Fr. Harry D'Souza - Puttur => Gulbarga Diocese (June 2007)

List II

56. Fr Clifford Fernandes => St Josephs' Seminary, Jeppu

57. Fr Prakash Monteiro => Bishops' house (education)

58. Fr Vincent Alfred Sequeira => (Asst. PP), Permannur

59. Fr Leo Lasrado => (Asst. PP), Pangala

List III

60. Fr Peter Fernandes => Bishops' House (Res).

61. Fr Vijay Lobo => Manipal, BEd study.

62. Fr Walter Menezes (SAC) => (PP), Farla.

63. Fr Clement Martis (SAC) => (Asst. PP), Farla.

64. Fr Jayaprakash D'Souza => (PP), Shaktinagar.

65. Fr Herald Pereira => (Director) Small Christian Community and YCS

66. Fr. Alexander Lobo Pangla => Guardian, Vianney Home

67. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues Kinnigoli => Director, Fr. Muller Hospital

68. Fr. Baptist Menezes Fr. Muller => Episcopal Vicar, Udupi

Friday, May 04, 2007

New Vicar General, Chancellor Named for Mangalore Diocese

New Vicar General, Chancellor Named for Mangalore Diocese

May 4, 2007 ( V. Rev. Fr. Denis Moras Prabhu has been appointed as the new Vicar General of Mangalore Diocese by Bishop Aloysius Paul D'Souza.

Currently serving as Chancellor of the Diocese, Fr. Prabhu "brings with him a vast pastoral and administrative experience which will stand in good stead for him in his office as Vicar General," the Bishop explained in his appointment notice. The Priest who succeeds Msgr. Frederick V. Pereira will take charge at 12 noon on 15 May 2007.

Meantime Msgr. Fred V. Pereira, who served as an Ordinary of the Diocese from 5 June 2001, will take over his new responsibility as Director of St. Antony's Charity Institutes, Jeppu on 16 May 2007.

V. Rev. Fr. Henry Sequiera, Judicial Vicar of the Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese has been named as the new Chancellor. He will asume office on 15 May 2007.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BANGALORE: Vocations, 21st Century Crisis, Say Serra Club Members

Serrans Claim Lack of Vocations is the Crisis of 21st Century

Bangalore, April 30, 2007:

On Vocation Sunday Worldwide, members of the Serra international Club called the attention of Catholics to the dwindling numbers of priestly and religious vocations terming it as the crisis of the 21st century, April 29,2007 in Bangalore

Speaking from the pulpit after the Masses in Holy Ghost Church, the President of the Serra Club, Ms Jeanette D'Souza, asked the faithful to rise to the occasion so that the future generations would have sufficient priests to minister to the local Church and sufficient religious to carry on charitable acts towards society.

She asked the people to pray because more things are wrought through prayer than the world dreams of and Jesus himself said that the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few asking us to pray to the Father to send more labourers into the harvest.

Ms. Jeanette said that Serra Club asked people to join the 1-M club which merely asked people to commit to participate in one extra Mass a month and to offer it for the intentions of vocations to priesthood and religious life.

Stating facts from Irish data, the President said, since November 2000, 1,173 Irish priests have died while in the same period only 101 Irish priests have been ordained. In 2005 alone 199 Irish priests died, whereas only 8 priests were newly ordained in Ireland.

Redemptorist Fr. Joseph Roy preaching the homily on the Fourth Sunday of Easter said that the figure of the Good Shepherd presented in the Gospel reading beackons young people to commit their life for the Church service.

He also encouraged people to sign up for the 1-M Club sponsored by the Serra International, which had put up stalls in the premises of the Holy Ghost Church.

Unless the youth realize the potential in giving one's life for Christ the world will lack spiritual guidance, he claimed.

Through a well-worded sermon, the priest fired the imagination of the listeners to pray and offer their children to God's service lest the Church be poor in spiritual leadership in the future.

On Good Shepherd Sunday, the Holy Father greeted the people and emphasized that the call to the ordained and consecrated life in the Church is a call to communion - a communion rooted in the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He invited the faithful gathered for the Angelus Message at St. Peter's square, to pray that young people will answer this call to communion and the service of the Church by responding generously to Christ's call to priesthood and religious life.

According to the Vatican sources the Holy Father, who ordained 22 new priests on this day, urged the faithful to pray for the perseverance for all priests so that they may remain faithful to prayer and celebrate the Holy Mass with ever-renewed devotion and that they may listen to the Word of God and assimilate the sentiments of Christ the Good Shepherd.

He also and said Jesus has called these young men to become fishers of men to be more direct co-workers in the proclamation of the Gospel and the service of the Kingdom of God in our time.

Stating the theme of the day as "At the Service of the Church as Communion", the Pope said the Second Vatican Council in presenting the mystery of the Church in our time favoured the category of Communion.

In this perspective, the rich variety of gifts and offices of the people of God is highlighted. And the entire baptized are called to contribute to the work of salvation.

In the Church however, some vocations are especially dedicated to the service of coummunion, he stated.
He said the Pope is primarily responsible for Catholic communion as the successor of Peter and Bishop of Rome. With him the bishops, successors of the apostles, are caretakers and teaches of unity. The priests help the bishops.

However, consecrated persons and all the faithful are also at the service of communion. The Eucharist is at the heart of the Church as communion from this greatest sacrament the various vocations draw the spiritual strength to continually build up the one ecclesial body in charity.

The Pope called Mary as the Mother of the Good Shepherd and asked her intercession to welcome with joy and availability Christ's invitation to be his disciples always animated by the desire to form one heart and one soul.

Serra Club of Bangalore, the first in India, was set up on November 4,2002 by the then Archbishop Ignatius Pinto.

The Serrans preached in many Churches in Bangalore yesterday urging people to pray for vocations.

Initially started in the US under the inspiration of the Franciscan Friar Serra, who worked for vocations to priestly and religious life, the club today is spread over the world and is named after him.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VIDEO: Laudate Dominum - Words & Music

Laudate Dominum - Words & Music

Popular Latin hymn sung by Catholics at weddings and other functions in Mangalore

[This video was recorded at a Mangalorean Konkani Catholic Wedding.]

Laudate Dominum - Words

Psalm 116(117)

Laudáte Dóminum omnes gentes
omnes populi; Quóniam confirmáta est
súper nos misericordia eius
et véritas Domini mánet in æternum (2)

[At this point all rise and mark themselves
with the Sign of the Cross
as they sing the Glory Be]

Glória Pátri et Filio et Spiritui Sáncto.
Sicut érat in pricipio et nunc et semper
et in sáecula sáeculorum Amen.

Laudáte Dóminum omnes gentes
omnes populi; Quóniam confirmáta est
súper nos misericordia eius
et véritas Domini mánet in æternum (2)