Friday, December 30, 2005

The Konkani Catholics Blog

A blog for all Konkani Catholic Christians around the world

Konkani Catholics - Uniting Konkani speaking Catholic Christians worldwide for the faith!

Mission Sunday this year (23rd Oct, 2005), saw the launching of a very special mission among Konkani Christians. It was christened "Konkani Catholics" after those whom it meant to reach out to. Konkani Catholics started off with a very successful eGroup which has become the common interactive platform for all members. All Konkani speaking Catholics around the world, can request free membership from the website.

This blog has been introduced to complement the egroup and in order to provide members with yet another platform to exhibit their talents. Announcements related to Konkani Catholics and other inspirational posts may also find their place here.

Incidentally this blog is launched on the Feast of the Holy Family (Dec 30, 2005), which places before us a great model, whose love and unity we wish to imitate as one large family endeavouring to live faithfully, the will of God in our lives. We extend this invitation to all Konkani Catholics of Goa, Mangalore, Karwar, Mumbai (Bombay), Udupi and those spread around the world who would like to live and grow in the holy Catholic faith in obedience to the teachings of the Church. In a very special way we invite the Konkani Clergy, Religious, Deacons, Seminarians, members of various pious associations, movements, initiatives, prayer groups and all Lay persons to join us!


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