Saturday, December 31, 2005

Papal Prayer Intentions for 2006

Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for 2006


General: That the effort to bring about the full communion of Christians may foster reconciliation and peace among all the peoples of the earth.

Missionary: That Christians may know how to welcome migrants with respect and charity, recognizing in each person the image of God.


General: That the International Community may be ever more aware of the urgent duty to bring an end to the trafficking of human beings.

Missionary: That in the Missions the lay faithful may recognize the need to serve their own country with greater commitment also in its political and social life.


General: That young people who are searching for the sense of life may be understood, respected and accompanied with patience and love.

Missionary: That, throughout the Church, there may grow that shared missionary awareness, which favors the collaboration and exchange of those who work in the missions.


General: That the individual, social and political rights of women may be respected in every nation.

Missionary: That the Church in China may carry out its evangelizing mission serenely and in full freedom.


General: That the abundance of the gifts the Holy Spirit bestows on the Church may contribute to the growth of peace and justice in the world.

Missionary: That in the mission countries those responsible for the public institutions may, with suitable laws, promote and defend human life from its conception to its natural termination.


General: That Christian families may lovingly welcome every child who comes into existence and surround the sick and the aged, who need care and assistance, with affection.

Missionary: That Pastors and the Christian faithful may consider inter-religious dialogue and the work of acculturation of the Gospel as a daily service to promote the cause of the evangelization of Peoples.


General: That all those who are in prison, and especially young people, may receive the necessary support from society to help them rediscover a sense to their own existence.

Missionary: That in the mission territories, different ethnic and religious groups may live in peace and together build a society inspired by hu­man and spiritual values.


General: That orphans may not lack the care necessary for their human and Christian formation.

Missionary: That the Christian faithful may be aware of their own missionary vocation in every environment and circumstance.


General: That those who use the means of social communication may always do so conscientiously and responsibly.

Missionary: That in the mission territories the entire People of God may recognize that permanent formation is their own priority.


General: That all those who are baptized may mature in their faith and manifest it through clear, coherent and courageous choices in life.

Missionary: That the celebration of World Missionary Day may everywhere increase the spirit of missionary animation and cooperation.


General: That, everywhere in the world, an end be put to all forms of terrorism.

Missionary: That through the effort of believers, together with living forces of society, the new and old chains which prevent the development of the African Continent may be broken.


General: That Christ, meek and humble of heart, may inspire those responsible for nations to use power wisely and responsibly.

Missionary: That in every part of the world missionaries may live out their vocation with joy and enthusiasm, faithfully following in Christ's footsteps.

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