Thursday, July 06, 2006

GOA: "Povitr Pustak" Accompanies Memorandum to President

"Povitr Pustak" Accompanies Memorandum to President

PANJIM, July 6, 2006: The first copy of the Konkani Holy Bible ("Povitr Pustak") in Roman Script and a copy of RENOVAÇÃO (RENEWAL) No.12 of June 16-30, 2006, showing on its front cover the Bible's blessing ceremony officiated by four Bishops, accompanied a letter to the President sent by the All Goa Citizens' Committee for Social Justice and Action seeking "official recognition for Konknni written in Roman Script on par with Konknni written in Devanagari script," which is already recognised in the Official Language Act of Goa.

"The very fact that Goa Archdiocese published 60,000 copies as the First Edition of the Konknni Bible in Roman Script, and plans a second and a third edition of the same to take the total to one lakh copies, is adequate to declare to the whole world that Konknni written in Roman Script is in use by 'a substantial proportion of the population of a State [Goa, in this case, who] desire the use of language spoken by them to be recognised...'," the letter said quoting article 347 of the Indian Constitution.

"This evidence" would provide "convincing proof" in favour of a Presidential Notification declaring official recognition for Roman Script Konknni "to fully satisfy the long-awaited desire and aspirations of the people of Goa."

The President was also sent 56310 certified area-wise statements of signatures obtained from supporters representing the districts of North and South Goa, Tiatrists, Goans in Bombay, Pune and Banglaore, and NRI Goans.

A tiny video-film of 15 to 18 minutes viewing-time showing Catholic ceremonies following Roman Script texts - starting with the feast of St. Francis Xavier at Bom Jesus Basilica in Old Goa and ending with the blessing of the Roman Script Bible, a ceremony attended by large sections of believers at the Se Cathedral in Old Goa - was also enclosed as further proof of the "widespread use of Roman Script Konknni."

The Citizen's Committe also enclosed a map of Goa showing 159 Parish Churches, 462 Chapels, 171 Catholic Social Institutions, 278 Schools and Colleges, which it said "discloses the enormous power and reach of Churches and Institutions under the Archdiocese of Goa in all matters from life to death."

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