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Father Santan Pinto, SOLT Ministries

Rev. Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT

Rev. Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT - A Goan Priest who went on to start the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) Ministries

About Father Santan Pinto, SOLT

Fr. Santan Pinto, a Konkani Catholic was born in Surendranagar, in the Northern state of Gujrat on September 13th 1948. He spent his early childhood in Goa, situated on the southwestern coast of India. Goa is the place where the body of St. Francis Xavier lies for public veneration. His father Ignatius died in 1957 when Fr. Pinto was only 9 years old.

His Mother Annie lives in Belgaum. He has only one sister, Patsy. She with her husband Angus Vaz live in Velim, Goa. After completing high school in Belgaum, he joined the Jesuits in 1966. He received a Master's degree in Social Work in 1975. He was ordained to the priesthood on April 30th, 1977.

After his ordination, Fr. Pinto heard this call: "Go to America. I want you to serve there." After leaving the Jesuits in 1982, he tried for the next five years to visit America. During a Catholic charismatic conference in 1987, his mother handed him to the care of our Blessed Mother by saying: "From today onwards, I offer you to Mary. She will be your Mother."

After that day, God provided Fr. Pinto with the means to visit the USA, and on May 15, 1987, Fr. Pinto arrived in New York. Later that year, he joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). He went through the novitiate in 1988. Since that time, he was the formation director of the SOLT community, forming priests, seminarians, brothers, sisters and lay persons in their respective vocations. He was assisted by religious sisters and lay apostles.

The Lord called Fr. Pinto to his service as a little child. His only desire was to remain close to the Lord. It is this love of God that burns in his heart for all. Fr. Pinto worked for some time with Mother Theresa. It was Mother Theresa who taught Fr. Pinto, in 1971 to recognize Jesus in the poor. Mother Theresa once said to him: "Remember father, that it is the humility of God that made you a priest. Now never forget that!" And his Mother often reminds him: "Be humble, kind and remember you were ordained a priest to serve the poor!" As of July 2003 Fr. Pinto was elected as the Second Assistant to the "Geneneral Priest Council" of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. His new responsibilities are to visit the SOLT Missions throughout the world.

In 1992, Fr. Pinto began SOLT Ministries for the purpose of:
  • Supporting SOLT world-wide Missions.
  • Supporting seminarians, sisters, and laity in their formation and training.
  • Producing and distributing various relevant training materials, audios, videos, and books for spiritual development.
  • Providing a prayer line for interested persons where they can send in their prayer requests.
  • Providing healing services and missions to cities in the U.S. when requested by local Bishops and pastors.
  • Attending conferences and conducting pilgrimages.
  • Praying for the souls in purgatory.
  • Conducting retreats and training programs for all interested in developing spiritually.
  • Giving spiritual direction and guidance whenever possible.
On March 18th, 2005 Fr. Pinto was sworn in as an American citizen.

Ancestors of Father Santan Pinto, SOLT

Completed on February 9th 1999


About the year 1840
Do not have record of parents. Children are: Phyllis, Camil, Cosmas, Andrew

Camil married Anne Phyllis
Children: Minguel, Albin Paul, Sebastian (Bostiao), Duke Xavier, Pelegrina, Natalina, Anna Clara

Albin Paul (born 1857 died January 16th 1942) married Laticia DeSouza (born 1874 died August 11th 1944).

Children: Peter, Christalina (Fr. Pinto's grandmother), Roufin, Cosmas, Sebastian, Anna Concesion, and Thomas.

1. Peter Mendonca (born March 6th 1897 died February 9th 1989) married Santanna D'Souza (born February 2nd 1909 died June 1st 1971).
  • Sr. Theresa Mendonca(Philis) born October 28th 1927
  • Fr. Francis Mendonca S.J. born December 1st 1929
  • Bruno Mendonca (born February 11th, 1934) married Bella Cordeiro (born July 4th 1946). Their children: Mable (born November 23rd, 1963; Vincent (born September 27th, 1971); Deepak (born February 26th, 1973); and Anita (born July 22nd 1975)
  • Sr. Philomena (born August 14th 1938)
  • Julie (born September 2nd, 1942) married Robert Dabhi (born May 25th 1944. Their children: Edward (born October 3rd, 1982 died September 17th 1987; and Urmila.
  • Dr. Albin Paul (October 19th 1946/48?)married Dr. Maria Coutinho (born 1952). Their children: Angelo and Joyels
2. Christalina Mendonca, by marriage Saldanha (born 1889 died September 9, 1965) married Michael Joseph Saldana. Children:
  • Maria Agusta(born October 5th, 1912) married Santan Rodrigues
  • Children: Luis; Theresa married Dawny Brewty; children - Anslem, Desmond, Anthony, Tili (died); Cruz(died); Cecilia married Francis Vaz; children - Jennifer, Agnelo; Xavier married Jaya; child Terance; and Tony.
  • Anna Detosa (born July 20th 1918) married Ignatius Pinto (born February 7th 1905 died August 16th 1957). Their children:
    • Patsy (November 15th, 1946) married Angus Vaz (born November 22nd, 1943) their children: Ashwin (April 10th, 1975); Preeti (April 16th, 1977) and Aditya (April 2nd 1980)
    • Fr. Santan Pinto (born September 13th, 1948)

3. Roufin married Xavier Creido
Children: Anthony, Annie, Rocky, Mary, Benedict (died)

4. Cosmas married Estella Mendis (born July 8th, 1910)

5. Sebastian (born December 12th, 1910 died October 7th 1965) married Carolina Alvares (born April 20th, 1917)
  • Robert (born June 7th 1937)
  • Andrew (November 28th, 1938) married Ravina (born November 23rd, 1947 died March 8th, 1982)
    Their children - Gloria (born September 17th, 1968) and Avinash (born October 8th, 1972)
  • John (died)
  • Lilly (July 10th, 1942) married Eric Barlo (born April 26th, 1932)
    Their children - Carol (born October 5th 1964) married Mark; Audrey (born May 4th, 1967) married Rishi Khushwa (born April 25th, 1966); and Sophia (born July 27th, 1968) married Utpal Rao.
  • Laticia (born January 29th, 1946) married Ignatius Furtado (born November 6th, 1944 died July 31st, 1993)
    Their children: Christina (born October 4th, 1976); Lina (born February 6th, 1978) and Betsy (born October 3rd, 1979)
  • Vincent Paul (born July 19th, 1948 died July 19th, 1974)
  • Cecilia (February 8th, 1959) married Bertie Kelson (born December 3rd, 1948)
    Their children: Natasha (born September 3rd, 1980) and Rebecca (born September 8th 1984)
  • John Francis (born June 19th, 1954)

6. Anna Concesion married Claude Cordeiro; their children - Rosario Paul, Dolly (Fr. Santan Pinto's Godmother) and Anthony.

7. Thomas (born February 5th, 1918 died Aprl 17h, 1977) married Yohannha Parmar (born September 11th 1933)- their child Bibianna.


Sebastian Pinto and Isabel(maiden surname unknown)

Children are: Rosy, Sister married in Corjuem (Goa-India), Sister from Kakeri (India), Jack's Mother, Santan (Fr. Pinto's Grandfather), Casmil and Luis

Santan Pinto (Fr. Pinto's grandfather)

Married first wife Rosy; their children are

1. Carmeline Pinto married Francis Pinto. Their children
  • Salvador & Rosemary Pinto: their children are Julie (married to D'Cruz; children - Fr. Alex D'Cruz, two Brothers), Carmeline (married Milgarine: their children Janet & Brother) and Francis (married has two sons living in Gokak)
  • Baptist (Bachelor)
  • Thomas & Esperanza: their children are:
    • Agnes married Anthony:(died)child - Gracy (married George)
    • Theresa married Agnelo: children - Rex, Sharon, and Sabrina
    • Elizabeth married Hilary: children - Richard, Regina, and Jimmy
    • Salvador married Emelda: children - Charlotte and Conrad
    • Sr. Lucy: Ambala, Haryana (India) Jesus and Mary sisters
    • Santan (Bachelor)
    • Anthony married Jascinta: child - Allan
2. Marie-Angel married Sebastian Carvalho
3. Piedad married Costas D'Souza: their children
  • Francis D'Souza married Josephine
  • Pasqual D'Souza first wife Esperanza (died): children
    • Francis (married Luisa), children: Lawrence, Lina and Rocky
    • Daniel (married Theresa), children: Pasqual, Sabina, and Oscar
    • Cyril (married Cecilia), children: Sheetal, Shamal, Salvador, and Rohan
  • Archange married Salvador Mascarenhas: son Lawrence died 1968
4.Caitan married Caroline: their children
  • Rosy
  • Leo (born December 1st 1920, died February 24th 1993) married Muriel (born April 14th 1929) : their children
    • Gerard (born July 24th 1957) married Caryl (born March 24th 1961), their children - Nicole (born December 8th 1989; Nadine (born October 16th ?)
    • Marietta (born February 2nd 1959) married on January 6th 1983 Eddie DeSouza (November 24th 1954), their children - Christopher (December 8th, Graig (February 19th)
    • Melanie (born June 5th 1961) married on April 26th 1992 Bill; their children Garrin (born June 11th and Skye Marie (born December 18th)
    • Gregory (born August 9th 1964)
    • Melinda (born November 3rd 1966) married on February 10th 1993 Ajay: their child Lianne (born October 30th 1995)
  • Victor
  • Sr. Connnie
  • George & Lydia
  • Saluzin & Claudine
  • Joseph & Linda: children Darryl and Kenneth
  • Eddie & Jennifer: children Dwayne and Naomi
  • Juliet & Anthony Ramsinh
5. Thomas married Philomena
  • Irene
  • Bernard
  • Fr. Joe Pinto SJ
  • Felix married Mina; their children Darryl and Joy
  • John married Alice
    Second wife Petronilla Andrade. Their child Ignatius Pinto married Annie Saladana; children:

  • Patsy married Angus Vaz; their children: Ashwin, Preeti and Aditya
  • Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT.

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