Friday, July 14, 2006

Mumbai Blasts Insurance-Compensation Information

Information about Making Compensation/Insurance Claims

Cassandra Nazareth in Borivali is working with a group of people who are helping others in the city find information about the procedures involved for victims and their kin to make insurance/compensation claims.

This page will be updated with the necessary information provided by her as and when it becomes known/available. We hope that it will save concerned persons the trouble of from running from pillar to post.


  • The state govt has already paid Rs 15,000/- to each of the deceased at the time of handing overt he body.

  • The state Govt has declared a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh to each of the deceased. Officials are visiting each house and verifying the death by taking signatures of 2 witnesses from the building. Contact person for Borivali area is Mr. Rahul - 9869255113 (mobile)

  • The Railways has declared a compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs to each of the deceased.Contact the third floor office of the Special Accident cell (Tel. 22035516). Second floor office above Churchgate station. They have also published the Guidelines for claims are published in most of the leading dailies. (See Page 23, Times of India, 14 July)

  • A list of the insurance agencies will be provided here shortly

  • Papers needed by the insurance company in case the deceased was a policy holder:

    Claim Form: Some companies have this attached to the policy itself. Others will send you one OR you may request for one with your agent.

    Death Certificate: Since issuing of death certificates take time, most insurance companies are doing away with this requirement and are instead accepting the letter/post-mortem certificate issued by the Railways. This is the paper one would have received while being handed over the victim's body.

    Nominee : Most policy holders would have specified a nominee in which case the nominee has to go to the insurance company with proper identification.

    Where no nominee was specified, the heir/next of kin (wife, father, mother, in that order) may approach the insurance company with proper identification and proof of relationship with the deceased which will have to be submitted to the company. In this case some companies will ask for a "letter of no objection" from the other heirs. This letter has to mention the name of the person chosen on their behalf to receive the insurance.

Help us collect more information

If anyone needs more information OR has more information about compensation/insurance claims procedures, kindly contact Cassandra Nazareth at 98202 24450 OR email

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