Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reflection: On The Easter Mystery

A Reflection on the Easter Mystery

As part of his Easter wish, Jesuit Seminarian, Arun D'Souza (Japan) shares a brief reflection on the great feast.

"For our sake, Christ was obedient, accepting even death, death on a cross. Therefore, God raised him to high and gave him a name above all other names!"

Shalom! Christ is the light of the world. The Christ dispels our darkness, enabling us to come to a new self-understanding. The Resurrection of Jesus is filled with paradox: obedience giving freedom, death bringing life, suffering leading to infinite joy. And all of us are invited to participate in this divine comedy, this heavenly race, this great mystery of love and mercy.

As an Easter people, we must shake off our comas and stupors and lazy sleeping. We must arise and go with the Risen Lord toward the fullness of light and peace. Time and eternity intersect; finitude and infinity lose their boundaries. All creation is gathered to a new great oneness - now!

The Easter mystery transforms lives and confirms love. Now all was new; a light shone in the darkness, never to be extinguished. And through all creation an eternal Alleluia echoes and re-echoes.

Easter is the experience of a new and majestic presence of the Christ. As light scatters the darkness of death, so love leads to the fullness of life. The power of grace grabs us by the sleeve and leads us to an empty tomb, inviting us to the banquet of joy.

Easter assures us that we are under regard, that God's promise of presence is fulfilled. We are neither abandoned nor lost in the universe. Rather, the Risen Christ, now disguised as a pilgrim, gardener, cook, continues to visit humankind with compassion and mercy.

The entire universe is filled with a new presence. Every nation and people, every home and city can experience this divine visitation. In the silence we encounter grace. In openness of heart we surrender to life. In abandonment to the will of God, we find peace.

Wish you a holy and peaceful Easter. I wish and pray that the Risen Christ be with you, with your family and all your near and dear ones. May you be filled with the peace of Christ. Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!

Posted by Arun D'Souza SJ
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