Friday, March 03, 2006

Reflection: Lenten Management

14 Great Ways to Fast this Lent

Our Lenten fasts have a tendency to be oriented or even limited towards things like giving up food or TV. There are 14 different ways to make your Lenten fast more meaningful. Instead of giving up sweets or TV, why not try one or two more or three of these "Lenten fast" ideas. They might bring your family a bit more benefit than fasting from food or from watching less TV. Listed are 14 great ways to fast for Lent.

1. Fast from anger and hatred. Give your family that extra dose of love.

2. Fast from division. Strive to be in unity with everyone.

3. Fast from judging others. Before making any judgements, remember how Jesus overlooks our faults.

4. Fast from low self-esteem, pessimism, and negativity. Be positive in your outlook on life.

5. Fast from discouragement. Let's have hope in all that we do.

6. Fast from personal anxiety, fear, and worry. Jesus is watching over our lives. Put your trust in Him.

7. Fast from lethargy. Have enthusiasms for life.

8. Fast from the problems that overwhelm your life and wear you down. Pray and ask Jesus for help.

9. Fast from complaining, When you are about to complain, try to appreciate all the moments of joy.

10. Fast from too much self-concern. Put yourself in the shoes of other people.

11. Fast from any resentments or bitterness. Forgive those who have hurt your life.

12. Fast from conversations that are negative or filled with gossip. Encourage one another

13. Fast from spending too much money. Reduce your spending by 10 percent and have your family give the savings to the poor.

14. Fast from too much of the world. In Lent, try to give extra time to Jesus

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