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Mangalorean Recipes - Konkani Cuisines from Mangalore

Mangalorean Recipes - Delicious Konkani Dishes from Mangalore

Still looking for the taste of savoury Mangalorean food after your last trip to Mangalore? Your search ends here.


one of the largest collection of
Mangalorean Cuisines on the web

The One Stop place for Recipes from Mangalore!!!

Whatever be the Mangalorean food recipes you are looking for, you'll find them neatly arranged under 20 categories!!!

Chicken, Pork, Mutton, Beef, Fish, Eggs and Masalas - Chilly Fry, Sweet, Masala, Pulav, Biriyani, Indad, Cutlets, Sausages, Roast, Steak Broiled, Curry or Fried

Rice Preparations, and Breads - Appam, Mandas, Idli, Sannas, Pathrade, Polle, Kitchdi, Kailoleous, Pan Cakes (Pan Pole), Chapati (Chapatti/Chappati), Paratta (Parota), Roti, Fuggias, Phulkas, Puris (Pooris), Naan, Bathure Pullav, Bhakri, Shevio, or Biriyani

Vegetables and Snacks - Bhaji (Baji), Curry, Masala, Stuffed, Cutlets, Fugath, Telpiao (Tel Piao), Cooked, Fried, Bhajas, Biscuits, Pastries, chakkulis (chaklis/chakklis) and Samosas

Soups/Sorak, Pickles & Preserves, Sauces, Salads & Chutney

Beverages and Desserts , Sweets/Cakes and Wines and Misc. & Breakfast

A complete collection of Konkani Recipes!!!

Recipes from the Konkan

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Free Cookery Program

A free, downloadable, simple and easy cookery program to record your own favourite recipes.

Metric Equivalents

Metric Equivalents of various kitchen related measures.

Ingredient Names in different languages

You know an ingredient name in Konkani and don't know what it is called in English? No problem. Follow this handy reference table to see by what name an ingredient is known by in English, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi.

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