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Ella's Conversion Story - Testimony

Ella's Story - A beautiful conversion story revealing the Eucharist as source of healing for this Jew turned Protestant turned Catholic.

Ella was born in the Middle East of Jewish parents. Her home was much like those described in the Bible: the upper room was her bedroom; the room under the kitchen was where they kept their animals for the night; the well for drinking water was in the middle of the village. They had no electricity and had to weave their cotton to make material for clothes. Their shoes were made from the skins of animals.

Ella was an wanted, unloved and molested child, afraid of everything and everybody. Only the power of God could transform her into the beautiful, strong, secure, person she is today. Allow the Lord to build Your faith in His loving, healing presence as you read her moving testimony.

"Mother had three abortions after I was born. I was constantly reminded that I should have been aborted too. But something went wrong and I was born. In our home were three big bottles filled with mentholated spirits and inside the bottles were the three aborted babies at different stages of growth. They were there as a show. Whenever I did anything wrong I was quickly told that I, too, might finish up in one of those bottles like my brothers and sisters.

"I had four abortions before I was married; had a nervous breakdown at 18; and became addicted to drugs and alcohol in my twenties. I attempted suicide seven times; unable to understand why I had to leave a life without meaning. My husband, chosen by my parents, was an atheist.

"Once a catholic priest taught me two lines of prayer that turned my life around: "Jesus, May all that is You, flow into me. May Your Body and Blood be my food and drink." After my priest friend died, a protestant pastor who taught me a ove for the Bible befriended me. Although I was baptized a Christian in his church, I was not satisfied. This denomination did not really believe, "May Your Body and Blood be my food and drink" so I kept looking.

Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with leukemia. This was in addition to diabetes that I had for 20 yrs. I knew the key to my healing was finding a place where I could receive the real Body and Blood of Jesus. Something inside kept telling me that if I could receive the body and blood of Jesus I would be healed.

"I found it in Catholic Church during my first healing Mass, which I attended with a friend" At the consecration I saw a vision of lamb slain on the altar. It was the Lamb of God. I knew then that this was where I would find the Body and Blood of Jesus, and that it would bring me healing. I was received into the Catholic Church in May 1985.

"When I met Father DeGrandis in 1985 he told me I needed to forgive my father for some ways he hurt me as a child. I began a regular programmed of saying the forgiveness Prayer. On his retreat I was healed of diabetes and the leukemia went into remission.

"I thank God for my second chance. I especially thank the lord for allowing me to receive Him in the Eucharist. '.. Take this,' he said: 'this is My Body.' " Mk 14:22.

Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the word
and I shall be healed.

The Body of Christ..Amen.

". Jesus said do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood, you have no life in you. He who feeds on my flesh and drinks my Blood has life eternal and I will raise him up on the last day' " Jn 6:53-54.

I think most people would probably like to live forever. On the trees in the park we can often see a heart carved with the initials of a boy and girl. Often it will read, " I love you forever." Eternity is a desire of human heart. Parents want to keep the love and presence of their children forever. We desire everlasting life because God has placed that drive in our hearts. It is the urge of self-preservation.

Jesus fulfils this desire by saying we will never die "spiritually" but can live with Him and the Father forever. This is the most consoling thought at every Christian funeral. I always preach on this scripture at that time.

People are now talking about freezing their bodies when they die so that scientists with new technology can resurrect them in the future. While I have doubts about this, the case is clear - they want life to continue without end.

Posted by Savio Noronha


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