Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bangalore: JY Organizes CrossRoads '06

Bangalore Jesus Youth Professionals' Ministry organizes "CrossRoads '06"

The much talked about Jesus Youth program for working professionals - Crossroads '06 - finally came to pass from the 23rd to the 26th of March, 2006.

Organized by the Bangalore Jesus Youth Professionals' Ministry at the Logos Retreat Centre Bangalore, this 3-day retreat was led by Mr. Edmund and team from Goa who unraveled in great depth, the mysteries of the Word of God, making it relevant to the lives of working youth.

Emphasizing on the theme of being "either hot or cold", the preacher expressed the necessity of "convictions that arise from a deep understanding of the Word." He also dealt at length on things which stalled the spiritual growth of Christians.

Deepak Justin Nath, one of the organizers of the programme, describing the experience of the 87 participants, termed it as "a time of unprecedented grace" for all who attended. He expressed confidence that "visible signs of change" and the "sanctification of workplaces" will be seen in the months ahead.

With Crossroads behind their backs, "we are looking towards Destination Christ which is a follow-up for this retreat," Deepak said. Destination Christ would serve to "make each of us committed to a prayer meeting and the constants so that we can grow together in Christ."

The Bangalore Jesus Youth Professionals' Ministry attribute the success of this program to St. Joseph, their patron saint.


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