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Reflections: Second Sunday of Easter (B)

Reflections for the Second Sunday of Easter

John 20:19-31

The disciples of Jesus had one thought in common. It was, "What about Jesus in whom we put our trust?" They had been so dismayed by the arrest, trial, scourging, stripping of clothes, nailing to the cross and crucifixion of Jesus. Out of fear of the Jews of being arrested and crucified, they had gathered in an underground cenacle, closing the doors and windows. When they were in such a situation, all of a sudden the Risen Lord appeared to them.

Thomas, the apostle, usually called doubting Thomas, was not with them at that time. When the others told him about the appearance of Jesus, he said that he would not believe unless he put his fingers into His wounds.

Thomas can be called a modern man. A modern man is of a scientific bent of mind. A modern man does not accept anything unless he has a scientific proof for it. However, Thomas was transformed when he saw the Risen Lord. The faith that he expressed at that moment is unique in the entire Bible. His faith was so deep and firm that he could go to a far away country, India, and spread there the Gospel of Christ and pass away in harness at Mylapur, South India.

God made Thomas a great Saint because of his deep and firm faith in God. According to Jesus, we are greater than Thomas: "Happy are those who have not seen Me, but believe in Me" (John 20:29). Let us, therefore, be grateful to the Lord for this assurance and deepen our faith in Him.

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