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MUMBAI: Cardinal Dias Deplores Offensive Movies

May 2, 2006

Cardinal Ivan deplores movies that offend Christianity

Mumbai (ICNS) -- Cardinal Ivan Dias of Bombay has deplored films that offend Christian principles and practices and asked his people to "earnestly implore" divine forgiveness on people behind them.

"Some gratuitously fabricate tales about the life" of Jesus Christ or "treat with ridicule those who are laudably giving selfless and a much appreciated service to God and humanity," he said in a May 30 letter.

The letter did not name any particular movie or moviemaker but noted that "in recent times big and small screen films on Christianity have been produced, which distort history and are extremely offensive to Christian principles and practices."

A big-budget movie awaited in May is based on Dan Brown's best selling novel the Da Vinci Code. It makes several offensive conclusions including that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were married, and had children.

The novel pretend to be presenting facts of history but twists historical characters and facts to help the author make blasphemous comments against Christianity and its leaders.

The hugely popular novel has been made a movie, and is expected to hit screens this month.

The Cardinal said the Church people "strongly deplore the tendentious nature of these films, which sadly reveal the morose mindset of those responsible for their production."

He said it was "amazing" that in today's civilized society there should be persons who, "with devilish glee, take pride in blaspheming" against the Christ Jesus and or in smearing the good "reputation of persons consecrated" in God's service.

He expressed confidence that the Film Censor Board "will not ignore" the sentiments of people who "are deeply pained by the scandalous presentations."

It should be so because such movies "can negatively affect the harmonious relations existing between Christians and the other religious communities which make up our beloved Motherland," the cardinal said.

Exhorting that "more things are wrought by prayer than the world can dream of," the cardinal asked his people to pray for people behind such movies. He wanted them to "earnestly implore" for the forgiveness of "those who do not realize the seriousness of their offences" against God and their fellow-citizens.

Prayers should help enlighten those "who are evil-minded so that they may change their behavior well before they appear at the judgment seat of God who alone knows the secrets of the human heart," he said.

Source: http://www.theindiancatholic.com/

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