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BANGALORE: Archbishop Calls DVC the Devil's Code

Bangalore Archbishop Brands Da Vinci Code As Devil’s Code

Bangalore, May 17, 2008 (Fr S. Jayanathan):

Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras added his voice to the growing opposition to "The Da Vinci Code", a movie which will be shown worldwide this week.

On the eve of the release of the film The Da Vinci Code, Archbishop Moras branded it as a vicious attack on the divinity of Jesus Christ and as such it is diabolic. This novel is nonetheless another way to attack the divinity of Jesus Christ.

“Anything that distorts the long cherished truth and affects the religious sentiments has to be condemned outright, and this novel unfortunately builds erroneous impressions against the Catholic Church and the Christian faith.” declares Archbishop.

“It cannot be denied that fiction shapes the imagination, stirs emotions and forms mental associations. Dan Brown has created the impression that his fiction is historical fact,” added Archbishop Moras.

Archbishop also said that Brown "immensely fabricated great lies by making it appear that he indeed made a thorough research to convince his readers. He employs the tool of unraveling the alleged secrets of the Catholic Church through the interpretation of symbols and codes hidden in works of art notably of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.”

As this film is going to affect the religious beliefs and sentiments of Christ’s believers, Archbishop earnestly requests to ban this movie in India and appeals all the Christians to boycott the film.

Archbishop Moras, 65, considers the novel/film as a challenge for the Catholic Church to be more zealous in sharing the Good News of Christ and take this occasion to convert the cinema industry's money-motive production into a Christian challenge to re-affirm one’s faith in Jesus Christ –the Son of God.

Archbishop of the ‘Garden City’ also issued guidelines to Catholics in his Archdiocese. Among the guidelines are: “Equipping the people with the Holy Scriptures not only in their homes but also in schools, ecclesial communities and Church organizations; appealing to publishers and people in media to practice their profession responsibly with uncompromising respect for the truth, especially about persons and beliefs that are dear to various religions and faith communities; to collaborate with historians, scholars of the arts, and scientists in shaping a culture with depth and integrity; and imbue the evangelizing mission with renewed vigour, methods and expressions so that people who are earnestly seeking the truth about Jesus may encounter Him in word, worship, prayer and humble service".


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