Friday, May 05, 2006

Catholic Church View on Birth Control

For Catholics seeking to understand the Catholic Church's teaching on Birth Control, Catholic apologist, Mark Shea provides his insights on "Cooperating with the Creator", where he shares his own discovery of the Church's position.

Cooperating with the Creator: Birth Control and the Church

by Mark Shea

If you had collared me before I was Catholic and asked my opinion of Rome’s teaching on artificial contraception, I would have said something like this:

"I understand and applaud the Magisterium's opposition to abortion, since abortion kills people. But I'm not comfortable with the Church's stodgy stand on artificial contraception based on Her opposition to 'interference with nature.' After all, we interfere with nature all the time when we dye our hair, pierce our ears, and use sun blockers to avoid the natural process of suntan and skin cancer. So it seems to me that the real question is not 'Shall we interfere?' but, 'At what level are we comfortable interfering?'"
This seemed to me a deft deflection of the Church’s “intrusive” teaching—until... ...continue reading

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