Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year Greetings Poem

New Year Greetings in Poem

Wishing you joy of 12 months
That may bring you happiness
Showers of God’s Blessings
To assemble completeness

Great dreams of 52 weeks
That may spread love and peace
Say a prayer to His Holiness
To bring us together to rejoice

Success of 365 days
That may help sharing the needy
By asking pardon for our sins
To be blessed abundantly

Good health for 8760 hours
That may help serving the sick
Praise Him for He is meek
His softness and kindness

Good luck of 525600 minutes
That you may count on Jesus
Leave yourself into His hands
His formation is abundance

Love of 3153600 seconds
That may help to spread peace
A Very happy New Year 2006
Heavenly Father tender your grace

Posted by Christine Pinto

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