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EWTN: Catholic TV in India

Broadcasts of Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) a Catholic Television Channel, Now Available in India for Free Viewing

EWTN, Global Catholic Network Catholics in India can now tune into EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), the world's leading Catholic Television, via cable for free.

"Just like the Apostle Thomas, who first preached the Gospel in India, EWTN brings that same message to television audiences throughout this vast region."
From its humble beginning in a small studio in the garage of the Monastery where its founder Mother M. Angelica, a Poor Clare nun, started creating mini-books with religious teachings and programmes, that small TV studio has now evolved into a state of the art audiovisual complex funded totally by gifts from individuals and groups, and visited annually by thousands of pilgrims.

The heart of EWTN TV Channel is its shows, Daily Mass from the Chapel in Irondale and several Live Chat Shows like Life on the Rock, The Journey Home, EWTN Live, Sunday Night with Fr. Benedict Groschel, The World Over: Global Catholic News and Mother Angelica Live. The network also airs documentaries on Lives of Saints, Church History, Live Coverage of Papal Visits, Vatican Celebrations and Solemnities, Faith Teaching’s Guided By Eminent Theologians, Religious Dramas & Movies, Music, Teenager and Children’s Programming , the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and other devotional prayer segments.

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EWTN’s website - - averages more than 6,000,000 page views per month and among its most important features is the Catholic Question and Answer section, where learned theologians answer e-mailed questions about the Faith online. Other services available include: A digital free Catholic library, one of the largest collections of Catholic documents on the internet. It is divided into 39 categories ranging from "Academic" to "Apologetics" to "Youth". Access to more than 6000 documents (including Papal Encyclicals, writings of the Saints and Church Fathers) has proved most valuable for students, seminarians, catechists, and all who wish to explore the Catholic heritage. Visit the EWTN website here.

Here are just a few of the many letters appreciating EWTN.

"We are very grateful and thankful to EWTN for the various programmes and especially the Holy Mass, which we watch in the morning and also in the evening and receive our Lord spiritually. We attend Mass and receive Holy Communion practically every day. On today's programme, you were explaining about the verse from 1Cor.11 vs 23 onwards. which defies the teachings of the protestants who do not believe in the true Presence of the Lord's Body and Blood. We wish to thank you again, since we were so overwhelmed by Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and the rest who come on Miracle Net, when they preach and speak of the anointing and so many people being slain in the Spirit, that we were almost converted to their way of thinking and were even asking people to watch them on Miracle Net, and criticized our clergy for not being forceful in their teachings and not being able to perform any miracles like them. Thanks to EWTN for opening our eyes to the Truth. Regarding Confession too, their teaching on confessing directly to God sounded very positive until we heard about confession on EWTN and all what we learnt in our youth came flooding back." - A Viewer from Mumbai

Hi! We are really grateful for the wonderful live coverage & were really moved by the service made bythe Holy Father Pope John Paul II. We will always pray for him he is the true Shepherd of the Lord. May God bless him. We would like to congratulate all the EWTN staff for a wonderful job & for reaching the service to our homes. Thank you all. - A Viewer from Shillong

Would you like to help?

Become volunteers for EWTN and help to take the Truth to those areas where EWTN is not yet available. The volunteer form can be filled on the website. Viewers can send their messages and communicate at

If EWTN is not available on your cable system. Call Your Cable Operator Today.

Satellite Information: PAS-10, Orbital Location: 68.5° E, Transponder: 8C, Downlink Frequency: 4064.0 MHz, FEC: 7/8, Downlink Polarization: Horizontal, Mode: DVB Clear, Audio #1L: English.

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we need apologetics programs and DVD tasters on apologetics to help educate Catholics and the many that leave the Catholic Church in India for American Televangelism type churches, Protestant groups, and sects.