Monday, January 02, 2006

JY Podcast 'Youth Vibes' Launched!

'Youth Vibes' - Jesus Youth launches Podcast

On New Year's day, Jesus Youth announced the launch of its podcast 'Youth Vibes'. "The birth of the new year will also mark the entry of Jesus Youth into a new media - the fast growing new age media of podcasting", Mr. Manoj Sunny, the International Co-ordinator of Jesus Youth, announced.

While "the pilot episode will center around the personal experiences of different Jesus Youth, later episodes will cover a whole range of aspects relevant to young people today" the note on JOYnet, Jesus Youth's egroup, observed.

According to the website information, the weekly podcast updated every monday, would feature "youth responses to current issues and spirituality" and would "offer a common platform for young people across the world who are committed to living a Christ-centred life."

The podcast may be downloaded from

What is a podcast?

A podcast is simply a web feed of audio files (although increasingly people are applying the term to video and other media) that is placed on the Internet for anyone to download. It's usually possible to download the files directly from the website, just as one would normally do; however, special programs called podcatchers exist that let users subscribe to podcasts in order to automatically download and store the media files for later playback.


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Excellent Work
This podcast has been discussing about the topics relavent to the current time...