Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fr. Cyprian Coelho - Update

Fr. Cyprian Coelho suffers paralytic stroke, turns 59 today

Mangalore: Fr. Cyprian Coelho, who is recovering at the Father Muller hospital after a cerebral bleed, turned 59 today.

He was admitted in a serious condition, on December 15, 2005, following the cerebral bleed and had been operated upon. He has now been moved to the ward and is recovering from the paralytic stroke. He however, suffers the loss of his left side from the stroke.

V. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Coelho is the Parish Priest of the Rosario Cathedral, Dean of the Episcopal City, and Chairman of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services at Mangalore. Fr. Cyprian was born on 11th January 1947 and ordained a Diocesan Priest on 23rd October 1974.

Group members have known Fr. Cyprian as a great source of inspiration and help to all in Mangalore, especially in the area of faith formation.

Please continue to remember Fr. Cyprian in prayers.

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