Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Power of Prayer - Rajesh Rodricks

The Power of Prayer

By Rajesh Rodricks

Konkani Catholics member Rajesh Rodricks, Lucknow, describes the power of prayer.

Prayer like the word 'Love' is a simple term but has powerful and tremendous influences when brought to use. Communication has always played an important factor in bringing humans close to each other and solving complex situations in this world of ours. Prayer is but a 'Superior form of Communication'. We do not only talk to God but thank Him and Praise Him. Furthermore, it is definitely, not a one way line, where one may think all the communications land up like some undelivered letters at the dead end. It is a two way line, when God calls back and answers our call of Prayers in some form or the other, whether in thoughts, incidents, fulfilling our requests or by bringing in us a state of Grace and an inner Peace to relinquish and face the world in a better perspective. God in all His everlasting Glory loves to manifest in and through Us. All we have to do is to keep ourselves in a state befitting for Him by our noble thoughts, words and deeds. This itself is a proof that He is a Loving and Living Lord ready to answer our call, day in and day out, twenty four hours, toll free.

Since time immemorial, God has always lead, loved and protected His people who have blindly followed Him, as we are His own creation, made in His Image and He continues to do so, even today. All we have to do is to Prayer to Him in deep love, faith and understanding. Prayer binds us to God thoroughly and keeps us away from the influences of evil. Its not that we then do not get to face the storms of Life but through prayer, it is sure that we do not succumb to fate, but rather, God in His Mighty Loving arms carries us through the storms to ensure that we are safe and sound, just like a Good Shepherd carries his Lamb.

Prayers can create wonders in our Life and even mountains can be moved but it should not be treated as a theme to test God on trial basis. We have to imbibe that trust and confidence and so in many ways, we see things change for the better and also suddenly which we call 'miracles'. I used to question myself and wonder when and how do miracles occur and whether there is any uniformity or its left to chance? I answered my own question! When God comes to us daily at Mass, through the transformation of ordinary bread to "Himself" in the form of The Blessed Sacrament, revealing openly to us that thousands of miracles are taking place daily throughout the world, whenever the Holy Mass is said. This evidently shows that the Holy Mass itself is the Greatest and Most Powerful of Prayers to the Almighty God who transcends from Heaven to partake in the banquet of His people. That's a Miracle itself, in and through Prayers.

Then when He has come so near to us on earth, surely, Our Prayers can hold Him steadfastly within ourselves to receive all the Graces and Blessings, we seek. So when God is 'in' and 'with' Us, we can be sure of His Promised Words:

"I am the Lord; Fear not, I am with you."

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