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BRAHMAVAR: Capuchin Ordinations, Jubilee

Capuchins Ordained, Celebrate Jubilee at Brahmavar

UDUPI, Karnataka, January 1, 2007 ( Three Capuchin Friars received the Priestly ordination from Dr. Aloysius Paul D'Souza, the Bishop of Mangalore, at the Holy Family Parish in Brahmavar, Mangalore Diocese, Saturday, 30th December 2006. The parish also observed 2006 as the golden jubilee year of Capuchin presence in Brahmavar.

Two of the three ordinands, Noel Vinay Almeida and Stany Roshan D'Souza belong to this parish and its sub-station, St. Paul's Church at Neelavar respectively, while Robin Victor D'Souza belongs to the Immaculate Heart Church at Nakre, also in Mangalore Diocese.

Describing the relationship between Christ and his Apostles, the Bishop in his homily said that Jesus called his Apostles friends because he revealed all things to them, foretelling even the things that were to happen to him. He even came to their defense when they were accused of violating the Sabbath. Therefore "the Priest is a friend of Christ" and "among friends there is no secret," the Bishop explained.

Quoting the Holy Father, Bishop Aloysius said that "a Priest is called by name" both to "come" and follow Christ and to "go" to the ends of the world with his message. The mission Jesus received from the Father is now given to the Priests who "take the place of Christ."

To the Capuchin ordinands the Bishop said, "St. Francis, the mirror of Christ, is your ideal. Whoever encounters you should encounter St. Francis of Assisi," he added before proceeding with the rite of Ordination.

The newly ordained were welcomed into the ranks of the clergy by the 45 Priests present at the celebration among whom were the Provincial Minister of the Capuchins of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, Fr. Jossy Fernandes, the Parish Priest of the Holy Family parish, Fr. Denis Saldanha, and three other newly ordained Capuchins - Fr. Yesudas, Fr. Godwin, and Fr. Thomas - who received the orders from Gerald Isaac Lobo, the Bishop of Shimoga two days earlier.

About 1500 people were present at the ceremony arranged at the parish grounds.

The Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (OFM Cap) is an autonomous offshoot of the first Franciscan Order of St. Francis of Assisi. The Holy Trinity Province in Karnataka will have their general chapter around April this year after which the newly ordained will receive their assignments

The Holy Family Church which completes 75 years in 2009 is largely the fruit of the missionary labours of late Fr. Sabas J. Fernandes who since 1921 had the independent charge of the mission station in the nearby Giri from where his concentration in Brahmavar was on bringing back the schismatics to the fold. Fr. Sabas was appointed as the first parish priest here when in 1934 Brahmavar was raised to the status of a parish under Mangalore Diocese.

50 years ago, in 1956 the much loved, Fr. Alfred Roche ofm. Cap. became the first Capuchin Parish Priest at Brahmavar when Bishop Basil Peres entrusted the Parish to the Capuchins. Fr. Roche passed away 10 years ago on 31st December 1996.

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