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INDIA: Essay Contest on Eucharist

National Essay Contest

In preparation for the 49th International Eucharistic Congress

June 15-22, 2008, Quebec, Canada

Theme: "The Eucharist, God’s gift for the life of the world"

Aim: To highlight the great significance of the mystery of the Eucharist for the salvation and transformation of the world.


I. Catholic Students from STD VIII - X in Secondary Schools in India.

II. Seminarians, Religious Sisters and Brothers in India.


I. Students: 1st Rs. 3000/-, 2nd Rs. 2000/- and 3rd Rs. 1000/-

II. Seminarians, Religious Sisters and Brothers: 1st Rs. 5000/-, 2nd Rs. 3000/- and 3rd Rs. 2000/-

Suggestions and References

  • Focus on spreading the message of the Congress.
  • The Eucharist as God’s gift.
  • The Eucharist as the New Covenant, the Eucharist and the Church, the Eucharist and the communion, unity and fellowship.
  • The Eucharist for the life of the world - a just and fraternal society, peace and freedom, elimination of poverty, hunger and disease.
  • The Eucharist - adoration and worship.
  • The Eucharist and personal life - as a way of life.
  • Relevance of the Eucharist to Indian social, religious and cultural situation.
  • The participants, however, have the freedom to develop the theme with creativity and imagination.
The following Church documents may be used as references:

  • The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Vat. II)
  • Stay with us, Lord (Pope John Paul II)
  • The Church from the Eucharist (Pope John Paul II)
  • Sacrament of Love (Pope Benedict XVI)
The above documents may be accessed at: or

The 49th International Eucharistic Congress website:


  • All the entries should be in English. Students’ entries to be within 2000 words and Seminarians’ and Religious Sisters’ and Brothers’ entries within 2,500 words.
  • The entries should be typed double-space only on one side of white foolscap paper with left and right margins.
  • All entries have to include writer’s full name and complete address of the school/seminary/religious congregation.
Entries to be sent on or before Sept. 30, 2007 to:

I. Students' Entries: Dr. Valerie D’Souza, C/o Diocesan Catechetical Centre, 4 Kane Road, Bandra, Mumbai - 400 050

II. Seminarians' and Religious Sisters' and Brothers' Entries: Fr. Erasto Fernandez, Provincial Superior, Eymard Cottage, 22, Matharpakady, Mazagaon, Mumbai - 400 010

Bishop Thomas Dabre
Bishop of Vasai & CCBI National Delegate to the Congress

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