Monday, October 23, 2006

Goa Archbishop's Greetings on Deepavali

Archbishop Ferrao Sends Diwali Greetings

PANJIM, October 23, 2006: The Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao has sent greetings to the Hindu brethren on the occasion of Deepavali, the Hindu feast of lights.

"This ancient feast reminds us of the victory of light over darkness, truth over untruth, good over evil and life over death," the Archbishop said. "In brief, it signifies renewal of life."

"May this "festival of lights" illumine our life to acknowledge and experience the beauty of this world, enlighten us to acquire knowledge, truth and wisdom, in order to dispel the darkness of wickedness, violence, greed, fear, injustice, oppression, etc. and usher in Love, to illuminate a world that has grown dim through the darkness of hatred."

"May the lighting of the lamps be a joyful experience in and around our homes, as we celebrate this festive season. May the radiance of our life full of love, compassion, understanding, solidarity and unity, light up the horizon of our beautiful land of Goa."

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