Monday, June 05, 2006

GOA Archbishop: Live in Accordance with the Word of God


Herald Correspondent

OLD Goa JUNE 4 - Archbishop Patriarch Filipe Neri Ferrao on Sunday exhorted the Catholic community to live their lives in accordance with the Living Word of God and work to foster peace, justice and to spread the Good News of Salvation, which Jesus Christ brought to mankind here on earth.

The Archbishop was speaking as the main celebrant at the Pontifical Mass in the Se Cathedral at Old Goa organised to mark the release of the Bible (Old and New Testament) in the Roman script Konkani. It was also a day of rejoicing because of the feast of the Pentecost. Archbishop Emeritus Raul Gonsalves, Archbishop of Gandhi Nagar Gujarat, Stanislau Fernandes, Bishop of Simla Chandigarh, Gerald Mathias and several priests from different parishes of Goa also concelebrated at the mass.

Delivering his 15-minute homily in Konkani, Archbishop Ferrao reminded the congregation that Jesus established the Kingdom of God on earth which signifies service towards the poorest of the poor. "Jesus brought peace, brotherhood and justice amongst all the people and therefore we must all work hand-in-hand to accomplish the task He has set before us," he said. Archbishop Ferrao said the disciples began spreading the Good News and their faith was strengthened only after they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Speaking further he said, "Today is a great day of rejoicing for the Church in Goa since all of us will in future be able to read the Word of God in our maim bhas. Let us strengthen our faith, renew ourselves by constantly reading the Bible and walk in the Light which Jesus brought to us", added the Archbishop.

The theme for the occasion was, "Word of God written under inspiration of the Holy Spirit becomes for us the Life giving spirit".

During the offertory procession three faithful placed the Bible, bread and wine in the hands of the main celebrant.

Nuns from different congregations were also present. Agassaim parish choir led by Fr Andrew Mascarenhas assisted the congregation in singing the hymns during the Mass.

Towards the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Archbishop Ferrao formally released the Bible and kissed it to the thunderous applause of the congregation.

He then handed over a copy of the Bible to each of the representatives of North, South and Central Zone in Goa. Speaking briefly, he said, "We are happy today because with the release of the Bible, the dream of the Church in Goa comes true. Several people worked in various capacities making innumerable sacrifices in order to accomplish the task that was entrusted to them. I sincerely thank them all and hope that the Konkani edition of the bible will now become a part of every household," concluded Archbishop Ferrao

Fr Manuel Gomes and Fr Cristovao Caldeira also spoke. Faithful attended the ceremony in large number.


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