Monday, February 27, 2006

Sortable KC Member List Online

KonkaniCatholics: Up-to-date Sortable Member List Now Online

Here's great news for KC members looking to see "Who's on Konkani Catholics?"

A completely sortable member list with the following information - First Name, Last Name, Religious State, Sex, Location and Joining Date - has been setup online in the Database section of the KonkaniCatholics egroup.

All members may login to view it at:
under the "Member List" section.

Now getting member information is just a click away. Say you want to find out how many Priests are in the group; a click on "Religious State" will show you that there are currently 11 Priests with us. Or say, you'd like to see if there's anyone in Australia. Click on location, and you will be able to get the complete list of KC members in Australia.

The KC community thanks group member Richard Mascarenhas for volunteering to setup the list.


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